West Vancouver Neighbourhoods

West Vancouver Neighbourhoods

Whether you’re looking to build your dream home or just make an investment property, West Vancouver has a range of neighbourhoods to choose from. There are some great family neighbourhoods like Bayridge, Kensington-Cedar Cottage, Marpole, and Southlands. But which neighbourhood is right for you?


When looking for a home in West Vancouver, Bayridge is one of the best neighbourhoods to buy a home. The neighbourhood is made up of almost entirely single detached homes, with a few duplexes sprinkled throughout. This neighbourhood is best for those who need a large home with four bedrooms or more. Ninety percent of residents own their home.

Bayridge is located near the Trans-Canada Highway, making it convenient for residents to access the city. It also has limited transit service, with most homes being close to a bus stop. As a result, it is not the best place to get around without a car. It’s also not a neighborhood that’s good for cycling, with steep hills and limited bike routes.

Bayridge is a neighbourhood with high home prices. Houses in this area typically cost around $3 million. Many of the homes have a large terrace with great views of downtown Vancouver. In addition, some homes feature dual Nano Doors, custom kitchens, and spacious living areas.


A unique neighbourhood in Vancouver, Southlands has a rural farmland vibe and features a riding club and multi-million dollar mansions. It is a short drive from downtown and is a good place for people who love horses and have the funds to afford a large property. Many Southlands homes also feature an indoor/outdoor swimming pool.

The neighbourhood’s history is rooted in the Irish settlers who arrived in the 1800s, long before Vancouver was incorporated. They settled along the Fraser River and established the neighbourhood. Many current residents have family lines that extend 150 years back to the original settlers. This unique history speaks to the pioneering spirit that has permeated this neighbourhood.

Southlands is located in the southwest of Vancouver, and is bordered by the Fraser River and Pacific Spirit Regional Park. The neighborhood has flat land adjacent to the Fraser River and a scenic pathway along the river that provides a beautiful setting for running and horseback riding.

Kensington-Cedar Cottage

The Kensington-Cedar Cottage neighborhood is a multicultural and diverse area of East Vancouver, British Columbia. The neighbourhood borders East 41st Avenue, Nanaimo Street, and Fraser Street on the north and south, respectively. The area spans over seven square kilometres and is home to people from a variety of cultures. In fact, less than one third of residents are native English speakers.

The Kensington-Cedar Cottage neighbourhood is known for its vibrant cultural events, festivals, and parks. There are many community centers and sports facilities, including a swimming pool and baseball and soccer fields. The area also boasts tennis courts and 31 hectares of green space. The neighbourhood also hosts the only lake in Vancouver.

Although it is located in a busy area, the Kensington-Cedar Cottage neighbourhood remains relatively safe. The crime rate in this area is 50% lower than the city’s average. The most common crime, however, is theft of items from automobiles.

Mckechnie Park

Mckechnie Park in West Van is a large, forested park with off-leash dog trails, tennis courts, and a water reservoir. This park is easy to access and has plenty of parking options along Mathers Avenue. There is also a dog walking business in the park, which allows dogs to be let loose on the park’s grounds.

If you love to play tennis, this park has two courts that are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. These tennis courts are open year-round, so you can spend a day on one and hone your game. The only thing to be aware of on the tennis courts is that roller hockey is not allowed during tennis season.

If you love to eat out in West Vancouver, this neighbourhood is a great place to enjoy a meal. You can get great local fare at Red Lion Bar and Grill. Or try a delicious pizza slice from Pastameli’s. Other great spots to grab a bite are the West Vancouver and Eagle Harbour Yacht Clubs.


If you want to live in a neighbourhood that’s packed with young professionals, hipsters, and empty-nesters, then look no further than Yaletown. This trendy neighbourhood is home to upscale shops, hip bars, and trendy restaurants. It’s an excellent choice for those who enjoy hip, urban lifestyles and high-quality dining, as well as those who like to spend time with their pets.

The Yaletown neighbourhood is one of the most desirable in Vancouver. The area’s low crime rates and upscale shopping are two of the reasons why Yaletown is so attractive. Although the area’s residential prices are high, residents feel safe and well-served. This is a prime location for people who have the money to pay a high price for a home.

The history of Yaletown began when the Canadian Pacific Railway built railway yards in the area. The workers who worked for the railway eventually settled in the area. They eventually adopted the name Yaletown, and in 1900, the City of Vancouver approved the creation of an eight-block warehouse district on the west side of False Creek. In the late 1920s, Yaletown was zoned for light industrial and commercial uses. During the CPR boom, the area was transformed into a hub of commerce, and in the years that followed it became a hub for wholesaling in Western Canada.


If you are looking for an urban lifestyle that blends culture and history, look no further than Gastown, West Vancouver. The neighbourhood is filled with exciting restaurants and craft cocktail bars, First Nations art galleries, and countless boutiques. It is also bordered by the notorious Downtown Eastside, which is home to drug addicts, homeless, and mentally ill residents.

Gastown is Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhood. It boasts charming streets and architecture. Many Vancouver homestays are located in this area, as well as the trendy Granville Street. You’ll find a unique mix of shopping in the Gastown neighbourhood, including many local and independent fashion boutiques.

Gastown is a mix of old and new, and it is a popular tourist area during the day. The neighbourhood has numerous restaurants and bars, and rents are more reasonable than in Yaletown. A two-bedroom condo in Gastown can cost between $1,700 and $2,200 per month. The neighbourhood is close to the downtown area, and is also home to many retirees.

South Main

Located in Mount Pleasant, South Main is known for its indie shops, trendy stationery, and vintage clothing. It also has a thriving food and drink scene that includes craft breweries, chic dim sum spots, and classic diners. A nearby district is also filled with Indian restaurants that offer everything from samosas to butter chicken. The area is also home to a wide selection of spice shops.

The diverse nature of the South Main neighbourhood makes it an excellent location for families. While many of the stores and restaurants are affordable, there are some excellent high-end options, as well. Dining options include award-winning restaurants such as Sun Sui Wah, Burgoo, Rocky Mountain Flatbread, and Burgoo. The area is also home to several high-end coffee roasters and breweries.

Located on Main Street between East 2nd Avenue and East 33rd Avenue, South Main offers unique shopping opportunities. Many trendy boutiques, bars, and restaurants can be found here, and the area is a great place to experience Vancouver’s cosmopolitan culture.

Commercial Drive

Commercial Drive is a road in Vancouver that runs from Powell Street, near the waterfront, south to Victoria Diversion, near Trout Lake. This is a popular route for drivers traveling in and around the city. The area surrounding Commercial Drive is home to several residential neighbourhoods, including Grandview-Woodland, a community located on the west side of the downtown core.

There is a large ethnic population in the area, and there are numerous ethnic stores, community organizations, and Edwardian-style heritage buildings. It also boasts European cafes, alternative shops, and entertainment venues. The area is home to over ninety restaurants and 19 coffee shops, so you’re sure to find something that you’ll love. Commercial Drive is also home to a thriving street festival and music scene. A vegan deli, Marxist bookstore, and a queer speakeasy are among the cultural and artistic venues that you’ll find in the neighborhood.

Another unique feature of Commercial Drive is its diverse population. With more than 400 businesses, most of which are locally owned, you’ll find a wide range of cultural and ethnic cuisines. Despite being outside the main tourist district, it is a popular destination for both Vancouverites and tourists looking for a taste of local life. Once known as Little Italy, Commercial Drive has grown into a multicultural melting pot of people from many countries. You’ll find hipsters of all types living in the area.

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