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A trust is not a contract or a legal entity, but given the complex attribution rules, it’s best to talk to a lawyer before setting one up.

Buggs took advantage of his position as a financial analyst for his own personal greed, violating the trust put in him by his …

Date: The Family Trust deed will require a ‘creation date.’ This is the dated when the family trust is created or formed. How Can a Family Trust in Canada Save Taxes. A family trust is an excellent mechanism to split income with family members, who are usually the beneficiaries of the family trust.

4 Steps to Setting Up a Family Trust Proposed Trust Name : A Family Trust name generally consists of the family name, "Family Trust", and the year in which the trust was created. The year is included in order to remind you about the 21-year rule.

In this blog post, we provide an overview of the key Canadian tax rules that both Canadian and foreign businesses need to be mindful of when setting up … Canada for 183 days or more during any parti…

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Family Trusts Made SimpleYou can set up the trust so that a certain amount of money is released before every school year, rather than at one time. Or, if you have a spendthrift kid, you can give them money from the trust at certain times of the year. 3. Avoid probate Assets in a trust are not subject to after-death probate taxes.

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and it was widely believed he had set that up. Even the company itself was under that impression, giving statements to the media that the shares were held in a blind trust. But it turned out Dawson to…

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