Sentinel Secondary West Vancouver

Sentinel Secondary West Vancouver

Located in West Vancouver, Canada, Sentinel Secondary School is a private secondary school for grades 7 through 12. It is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and offers AP courses, IB courses and a wide variety of other academic and extracurricular programs.


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AP courses offered

AP courses offered at Sentinel Secondary West Vancouver are designed for students who want to earn credit towards university study. The program is a cooperative educational venture between schools and colleges. These courses are offered to students in grades 10 and 12, and provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate advanced mastery of material. These courses are administered by the College Board, and are recognized by many colleges and universities.

These courses are more rigorous than the regular offerings at Sentinel. Students who want to take AP courses must have a strong general knowledge of the subject, and excellent work habits. AP courses require students to write AP exams. If they fail to write the AP exams, they will not be awarded AP credits. They may also not have AP scores when applying for university or college.

AP courses at Sentinel Secondary West Vancouver are offered in a number of subjects. Some of these courses are held at Sentinel, while others are offered at the Collingwood School. This school is also a pilot school for the AP Capstone program, which requires students to complete a capstone course. The capstone course involves research and writing. Students must also complete a presentation.

Sentinel Secondary West Vancouver offers a number of sports programs. Students may participate in athletics such as volleyball, girls’ field hockey, junior boys’ soccer, and cross-country skiing. They may also participate in the Pursuit Programme, which allows them to participate in regular classes in the morning while focusing on their chosen area of study in the afternoon. The program also provides benefits for students who participate in certain sports.

Sentinel Secondary West Vancouver is also one of the few schools in the West Vancouver school district to offer a French immersion program. Its library has a digital lab, which provides students with access to computer and video equipment. The school is also home to a grass field, three street hockey courts, and a baseball diamond.

Aaron Henkelman, who is an AP teacher at Sentinel Secondary West Vancouver, has taught AP courses for the past decade. He holds a master’s degree in secondary English education. He has also completed post-graduate studies in teacher-librarian studies.

IB courses offered

Located in West Vancouver, Sentinel Secondary School has one of the best Advanced Placement (AP) programs in the province. The school is part of a network of schools, called Round Square, that promotes academic excellence and personal development. The school also offers a variety of sports academies and after-school activities.

The school’s curriculum includes both AP and IB courses. Students can select from a wide variety of courses including chemistry, English literature, European history, math, calculus, French, and Spanish.

Students who do not take PDP courses can apply for the IB Diploma Programme in grade 11. The IB Diploma Programme is designed to develop a range of intellectual and emotional skills and aims to prepare students for post-secondary success. Students who successfully complete the exams are awarded transfer credit from post-secondary institutions.

The IB Diploma Program is designed to promote social and emotional skills, as well as a wide range of cultural understandings. Students must complete the Theory of Knowledge as well as two courses. This program is widely recognized worldwide as a post-secondary entrance qualification.

Sentinel Secondary School also offers French immersion. This program is designed to prepare students for success in a global community. It is also part of the Round Square network, which focuses on personal development and adventure. The school also offers a wide variety of athletic programs, including a soccer academy, hockey academy, and tennis academy.

The school’s athletic program has won eight AA rugby titles and boasts impressive exam results. Students can also participate in the Athena Arts Program, which attracts students from all over the region. The school also hosts hundreds of international students from China each year.

In addition to the IB Program, Sentinel offers a French immersion program. Students can also enroll in the Pursuit Program, which allows students to concentrate on a specialization in the afternoons.

Sentinel is one of three schools in the West Vancouver school district that offer the Advanced Placement (AP) program. AP courses are considered the most rigorous and require a powerful intellectual commitment. Depending on the number of courses selected, students can pay an amount that covers the cost of curriculum implementation locally.


Whether you’re an athlete or not, you’ll find that there are a variety of sports programs available at Sentinel Secondary School. From volleyball and field hockey to cross country and track & field, Sentinel has plenty to offer. There’s even a special programme for students who take part in ballet and acrobatics.

Among the many sports programs offered at Sentinel Secondary School, one that stands out is the Pursuit Programme. This program is unique in the West Vancouver school district and provides benefits for students who participate in a variety of sports and activities. These students have the opportunity to take regular classes in the morning and focus on their area of specialty in the afternoon.

The Pursuit Programme allows students to earn credits by participating in a variety of activities, including acrobatics, rock climbing, and ballet. It also gives students access to a variety of resources to help them achieve their goals. The programme’s benefits also include a scholarship for students who qualify.

Sentinel Secondary School also has a number of Academic Honour Rolls for students in grades 8 through 12. In 2014, the school named an individual cross country champion, a British Columbia high school 3000 meter champion, and an academic honor roll for five years in a row. The Ted Lelly Memorial Award for academic and athletic achievement was also presented to the school.

Sentinel Secondary School is also home to AP classes. These classes are rigorous and require students to be highly intellectual and have good work habits. Students can take AP classes in a variety of subjects, including English, history, math, science, and more. Students who take AP courses must also write AP exams to earn credit. Although many students choose to take AP courses, it is important to note that students who fail to write an AP exam won’t receive credit for that particular course.

As a student at Sentinel Secondary School, you can also participate in the Sentinel Secondary School Choir. This choir is composed of students from all four years of high school and features an emphasis on musical performance.

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