Garbage Collection in West Vancouver, Canada

Garbage Collection West Vancouver

If you’re wondering when your garbage collection will come, here are some options for getting a better idea. Residents can sign up for reminders via email, text, voicemail, and tweets. You can even import the schedule into your calendar. In-person pick up is not available due to COVID-19, but there are ways to arrange for it. You can download an app for your smartphone to view your schedule, receive reminders, and sort your recyclables properly.


Residents of West Vancouver, Canada, can now get curbside garbage pickup and recycling of up to five bulky items for FREE. Each item must weigh less than 100 pounds. Residents can schedule a special pick-up for any available day starting in 2022. Sign up for this program by clicking on the Bulky Item Chair icon and learning more. Residents can also download the RecycleRight app on their phone to stay up-to-date on the schedule and get reminders.

Residential Services Lookup is a convenient and free way to find a garbage and recycling collection company in your area. These services use automated trucks that lift heavy carts using mechanical arms and carry them to sorting and composting facilities. Collection takes place between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding Thanksgiving. On holidays, collection occurs one day later. To avoid a missed pickup, make sure to keep your trash carts close to the curb.

Streetside recycling

The District of West Vancouver has announced that it is implementing a new program, called streetside recycling for garbage collection, in certain areas of the city. Currently, garbage collection in the city is conducted using traditional garbage bins. However, as of 2019, the District plans to extend streetside recycling to other commercial areas in West Vancouver and introduce new three-stream recycling bins. These new bins will be colour-coded and will be positioned at the curbside.

Recycle BC will send out a separate guide for your recycling collection in June. The guide will contain specific information about recycling and will be completely different than the garbage collection schedule. Recycling is the new responsibility of Recycle BC and it will be the sole provider of garbage collection in West Vancouver. WestVanCollect is an app available for both Android and iPhones, which offers service reminders and personalized collection calendars.

Residents can sign up for email or text reminders to be notified about garbage pick-up schedules. Additionally, they can download the schedule to their online calendars and sign up for email notifications. Despite this change, there is still no in-person pickup option. Residents can also download the free RecycleRight app to view schedules and sort recyclables and garbage. To help residents get the most out of this new program, they should remember to sort their recyclables properly.

Surcharges for uncovered loads of garbage or recyclables

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is weighed upon arrival at the main facility. The Division of Solid Waste and Recycling may increase or decrease tipping fees to adjust for fuel costs. Items that may be accepted for residential recycling include scrap metal, large appliances, motor oil, yard waste, carpet padding, solid foam mattresses, paper, single-stream recycling, and vegetable oil. A fee is assessed for the volume of MSW deposited in a vehicle.

In order to avoid being charged an overcharge for your waste, you need to secure your load properly. Many landfills close temporarily because of inclement weather. The closure will be advertised to major waste haulers. Check the list of acceptable waste items to avoid overcharging. Then, choose a location. Surcharges for uncovered loads of garbage and recyclables may be applied to residential and non-commercial vehicles.

Upgrades to district-owned bins

The District of West Vancouver is currently reviewing upgrades to garbage cans. While most garbage cans on the street are owned and serviced by the District, private property owners may also have garbage cans along the streetscape. In such cases, the District would be willing to work with private property owners to upgrade their bins. However, the District will not upgrade bins that are not owned by the District.

The upgraded garbage bins will replace worn out and broken garbage bins. The District will continue to collect garbage from commercial areas, but the new program will focus on streetside recycling. Ratepayers will not incur additional costs for the new program. The District’s Solid Waste Utility funds the new streetside recycling program. Ratepayers pay approximately $12 per quarter for garbage collection services. The program is part of a comprehensive plan to improve the quality of life for West Vancouver residents.

Problems with illegal dumping

A number of people in the city have reported problems with illegal dumping at Garbage Collection sites. In addition to homeowners, construction and demolition contractors, tire shops, scrap collectors, and other commercial operators also regularly dump waste illegally. These waste dumps present significant human health risks because they provide perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes, which can spread diseases like encephalitis and West Nile Virus.

You should report illegal dumping to local police if you witness someone dumping in a public area. If you cannot identify the perpetrator, you should try contacting the city’s solid waste office or calling 311 for assistance. However, you must remain alert to protect yourself. During an investigation, a police officer will investigate the situation and take appropriate action. Meanwhile, in case the situation persists, contact local environmental conservation apartments.

While illegal dumping is a persistent problem, there are many steps to discourage it. First, consider installing lighting around the illegal dump sites. It’s likely that most illegal dumpers don’t do it at night. Installing solar-powered lights in suspected “hot spots” will deter them. Another solution is beautification, such as making the site more attractive and inviting for community use. Increasing community use of the site can also deter illegal dumpers.

The City of Ottawa has taken several measures to prevent illegal dumping. The City has enacted a new street and traffic bylaw which allows residents to report issues to authorities. While the fine for illegal dumping may be as low as $100, there are fines up to $10,000.

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