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West Vancouver has transformed into a cosmopolitan, melting pot of cultures. This could largely be attributed to
the geopolitical turmoil that characterized a good part of the twentieth century, especially in the Asian continent. West Vancouver real estate slowly turned into a global resort community. The 80s and 90s also saw an influx of wealthy Chinese residents ( mostly from the Hong Kong real estate boom) in search of more politically stable environment.

west vancouver realty services

Today West Vancouver real estate thrives as one of the most expensive in the world. Allow us to help you with our professional services!

The Canadian government’s Immigrant investor program 2011 also encouraged investors from abroad to settle in West Vancouver. This foreign capital does, however, come with a price. Demand from wealthy immigrants has made the Vancouver area the most expensive real estate market in Canada. Recently obtained figures show that the average price of west vancouver homes for sale is 1.26 million dollars , higher than any other Canadian city.

As houses for sale in west vancouver become more and more unhinged from local incomes, many are opting to pay rent. Recent figures also estimate Vancouver house prices to be 10.3 times the median household income. As a consequence, lower, middle and even upper middle class home owners have been forced to seek elsewhere for affordable housing. The area has become more exclusive as a result.

Why list your West Vancouver luxury condo listing with Umass Extension Real Estate?

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The Umass Extension real estate website was launched, essentially, to act as a middleman between potential buyers and sellers in Vancouver’s real estate market. Vancouver, British Columbia is actually one of the most expensive cities in the world, with real estate prices soaring by the day. Here are some of the benefits that you stand to gain from using this website as a platform:

#1. The brains behind the website have conducted extensive research and fieldwork so as to provide the buyer with all the information they need to make an informed decision when buying homes for sale in west vancouver.

#2. Our website strawhomes.com – west vancouver homes for sale and contains both high-end and low-end real estate listings and has a wide range of housing for any price point. Though the number of high-end listings are definitely higher, there are also listings that show lower end west vancouver condos on the market. Even in areas of lower prominence the prices are still high. For example if clients are searching for condos for sale in north vancouver, they will likely find apartments closer to $600K+.

#3. Our Agents pride themselves to be the best in the business. They painstakingly make sure that each listing is accompanied by an image (done professionally), ( see some of our condo listings in West Vancouver here )and includes a description of the size, location and distinct features of each. By clicking on any of the listings, you are taken to another page which contains a more comprehensive coverage of the listing.

#4.Complementary services, even servicing north vancouver real estate areas. From the website, you can make an appointment to meet with an agent and even get a free property valuation, even for north vancouver.

#5.Content. The site boasts over 1300 pages of property listings, spoiling the visitor for choice.

#6.Its advanced search engine. This unique feature allows visitors to search for property anywhere within the Vancouver region either by location, the type of property or by the price. You can even set a maximum or minimum price. The visitor can even search for foreclosures and distressed sales even before they are heard in court.

#7.Customer care. The website contains a number that you can call in case you need any help. You can also reach them on social media i.e on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Are You Ready To Buy A Luxury Real Estate In West Vancouver?

A recent online survey conducted by realtor.com showed that 13% of those who took the survey said that they were looking for a luxury home. 26% said that they might be looking for a luxury home while 62% said that they weren’t looking looking for bigger house.In the same survey, different people listed different reasons for wanting to upgrade. Some pointed to a recent promotion, while others were new retirees, others wanted to invest while others were simply first-time buyers. Well whatever your reason, moving to a bigger better house is the ultimate dream for most people. This usually means , of course, a nicer neighborhood and all the trappings that come with living in this nicer neighborhood like improved security, a luxury pool maybe,a better view( countryside or mountainside)… whatever you fancy . But what is the ideal time for you to move on up to that deluxe apartment in the sky? The fact of the matter remains that changing house is a big deal for anyone. Whichever decision you make has to be ultimately in your best interest. Here are a few things that you ought to consider before making that decision:

#1.Finances. Getting a mortgage is hard these days. The lenders meticulously examine your financial details (income, debt, assets and liabilities) to ensure that your debt-income ratio is acceptable. Make sure that your credit is not damaged as the most competitive interest rates (5%) are only awarded to those with credit scores of more than 700.

#2.Whether you can sell your house. Most people need to sell so they can buy, well unless they’re willing to carry two mortgages. Any profit made on the sale can be used to cover preliminary expenses (moving expenses, down payments) on your new home. The lucky ones own their homes are able to pay upfront without having to depend on the profit to be made from selling the house.

#3.The impact it will have on you. You have probably heard the phrase ‘more money, more problems’. Well that’s true, moving up a socio-economic class comes a certain set of unique problems. The way your family or friends perceive and treat you is bound to change since people will automatically presume that you’re doing well financially.

#4. Expenses.A larger house basically means a larger utility bill. The electricity bill for instance is bound to skyrocket. Not to mention property taxes, maintenance costs (e.g. security, housekeeping, landscaping) and the cost of buying additional furniture to fill the empty spaces.

#5.Does it suit you? Your needs, tastes, preferences, likes and dislikes. Some people feel more at home in a small house while others feel claustrophobic. Agoraphobic people cannot stand large houses. Be true to yourself.

#6.Location and neighborhood. Do you like the area where that larger house is located? If you have kids, do they have good schools in that particular school district?

It is important that you do your due diligence before settling on a house. Compare market values of different houses and reach a conclusion by yourself. Do not be overpay for a house simply because you can afford it. No matter your budget.

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West Vancouver Neighbourhoods

If you’re considering moving to West Vancouver, you might be interested in learning more about the various neighbourhoods. These communities offer a wide variety of amenities, ranging from parks to restaurants. Here are some of the most popular neighbourhoods in West Vancouver. Read on to learn about each one. Then, decide which one is right for you! Here are a few suggestions:

In West Vancouver, the single family neighbourhoods are made up of modest bungalows to estate type homes, and accommodate local families. In the past, these neighborhoods rarely had any vacant houses, and many were home to local families. The trend of replacing small homes with larger homes has made West Vancouver financially unaffordable for many. The resulting empty homes mean fewer pedestrians and fewer local children in West Vancouver’s public schools.

For those who are looking to buy a new home, there are many options. The $1 million to $3 million segment is the hot spot for buyers, and is expected to continue to be the main driver of sales this spring. The rest of West Vancouver, however, saw moderate sales in January, and the housing shortage is the major concern for buyers. These buyers are typically suburban families, luxury seekers, or retirees. To learn more about West Vancouver neighborhoods, read RE/MAX’s guide to 300 liveable neighbourhoods in Canada.

Case studies in West Vancouver; testimonials:

1.This is what Sandy Bay had to say:

I am not often moved to write to record my appreciation and recognition of outstandingly excellent work and good practice. This is because I have seldom found it. This is not the case with REMAX. The whole experience from the initial appraisal to the signing of the contract and later advice that the purchaser’s finance had been approved has been of the highest order. The punctuality of every member of your team cannot be faulted. Each member was not only familiar with the intricacies of the property to be sold but was familiar with the status of the real estate market in general. After each inspection we received feedback which to us was vital as it “kept us in the loop” and not wondering about outcomes. Your reception staff was exemplary; the manner in which telephone calls were dealt with was obliging and helpful and does them great credit not to mention the first impression given to public when making contact by phone. Dale Montana proved himself to be an outstanding negotiator as he was able to achieve a result that the purchasers had indicated was beyond them. Both my wife and I are extremely grateful to yourself and your team at REMAX as it has resulted in a satisfactory outcome and has made the whole process as stress free as the trauma of selling your home can be.
With grateful thanks.

2.This is what Brian Moore had to say:

Recently I sold my 6500 square foot property in West Vancouver employing REMAX as my agents. I was pleased to find their service courteous and professional during the entire period, from the initial phone call to settlement. I had previously listed my property with another agent but during the three month contract was unable to find a buyer. I was consequently most pleased to receive an acceptable offer on the property barely a week after employing Phil Banks and his team. I believe it was their large client base and intricate knowledge of how the market works that facilitated a quick sale. I would recommend them to anyone selling West Vancouver real estate.

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