What You Need to Know About the West Vancouver Police Department

West Vancouver Police Department

Whether you live in West Vancouver, or are considering moving here, it’s important to know all about the city’s police department. It’s mission, history, requirements for volunteer positions, and fingerprinting procedures are all covered in this article.


Using intelligence-driven crime suppression techniques, the West Vancouver Police Department provides local police service for the community. The Department is governed by the West Vancouver Police Board, which is chaired by the city’s mayor. The Department is also involved in a number of regional integrated police teams, addressing law enforcement issues that affect all British Columbians.

The West Vancouver Police Department logo features a shield and dogwood leaves. It was designed by the Canadian Heraldic Authority. The emblem represents Canada and the Royal Crown.

The Songsters music group is comprised of officers from the Vancouver Police Department. The group performs throughout the Pacific Northwest. In 1912, the Vancouver Police Department hired the first two female police matrons. During Chief Diamond’s tenure as chief, the department hired hundreds of special constables.

A major renovation was made to the Public Safety building. A new fire hall was built at 16th Street and Fulton Avenue, and opened on November 22, 1967. A mosaic memorial to Chief Constable McLennan, who was killed in a shootout in 1917, has been installed at Georgia and Jackson streets.

A nine-year-old boy was killed in a shooting incident. A detective lost his eye in the incident, but later became the chief constable of the New Westminster Police Department.

A number of WVPD members are seconded to various integrated municipal/provincial RCMP units. The Department is also a member of the E-Comm, a regional consolidated emergency communications center. This allows the Department to quickly re-deploy resources to manage 9-1-1 calls.

Mission statement

During the past decade, policing has evolved dramatically. A new style of law enforcement, called community policing, aims to fight crime on a different level. This approach involves working with the public to develop effective solutions to criminal activity. Moreover, the addition of on-scene health professionals places a direct link to healthcare.

The West Vancouver Police Department, also known as WVPD, is a municipal police force that protects and serves the people and property of West Vancouver, British Columbia. The force is governed by the West Vancouver Police Board, which is chaired by the Mayor of West Vancouver.

The West Vancouver Police Department is staffed by four patrol platoons, each of which is staffed by a duty sergeant and several constables. There are also a number of support sections within the department. This includes the Victims’ Services Unit, which responds to calls for service regarding sexual assault and family violence, and the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team, which investigates homicides.

The mission statement of the West Vancouver Police Department is to “protect the lives of all West Vancouver residents and visitors.” This includes responding to all calls for service, protecting people and properties, maintaining public safety, and preserving life. In addition to the traditional responsibilities of a municipal police department, the department also offers a number of advanced units, such as a forensic identification section, an integrated crash analysis and reconstruction service, a sexology clinic, and a victim services unit.

District 2

Whether you are a resident of District 2 or just visiting, it is important to know who the police are. The West Vancouver Police Department is a municipal police force that responds to calls for service. Each of the four patrol platoons is staffed by a corporal or duty sergeant. The officers are trained to respond to calls for service based on the needs of each district.

The West Vancouver Police Department is governed by the West Vancouver Police Board. The board is chaired by the mayor and is responsible for the management of the police force. The Department employs eight hundred employees, who provide service to over three thousand businesses and four thousand residents. The department is a full-time municipal police service.

The Department also has several support sections. They include an integrated homicide investigation team. This team investigates homicides in West Vancouver. The general investigation section of the department also investigates serious crimes. In addition, the Department has a victims’ services unit.

The Newkids program is a community initiative that supports youth who lack a connection with their community. The program supports children and teenagers who have arrived in Canada within the last three years. The program provides resources for youth who have limited peer connections, are facing trauma, or need support with education.

The Strathcona Food Security Program allows a VPD District Two Neighbourhood Police Officer to provide healthy food options to families in need. The program is funded by the Vancouver Police Foundation.

Driver’s licence requirement

Obtaining a driver’s licence is a prerequisite for anyone looking to work for the West Vancouver Police Department. It is also a requirement for anyone who wishes to run a West Vancouver business. Thankfully, it’s easy to obtain the necessary permits.

There are many ways to get a driver’s licence in West Vancouver. The most obvious option is to visit the nearest branch of the West Vancouver Police Service. It should take about five minutes to complete the application. You will need to provide one piece of government-issued identification and a recent photo.

The VPD is hiring for many jobs. The department is looking for highly qualified candidates with the necessary skills, experience, and certifications. For instance, you might be eligible for a position in the Traffic Section, where you’ll be tasked with pulling over speeding drivers. You can also join the department’s volunteer program, Neighbors on Watch. The organization runs training academies periodically and accepts applications year round.

The Vancouver Police Department is responsible for keeping the city safe and ensuring that crime is prevented from causing harm to residents. They do this through a partnership with the Canadian Forces Security Enforcement Unit-British Columbia (CFSEU-BC), a civilian group that provides security services to the city. The organization is in charge of maintaining the city’s highest security levels.

The Vancouver Police Department has a lot to offer to its current and future employees, and is looking for some fresh blood to keep the city safe.

Requirements for a volunteer position

Getting a job in law enforcement can be an intimidating proposition, but if you’re considering a career in the force, you’ll want to make sure that you’re up to the task. If you’re lucky enough to get a spot, you’ll have the opportunity to put your skills to good use while making a difference in your community.

Getting a job in law enforcement can come with a price tag, but it doesn’t have to be a financial burden. Whether you’re looking for a part-time gig or a full-time position, there are plenty of opportunities to help. For example, you can volunteer for Vancouver Animal Services or assist in a number of other local initiatives.

The West Vancouver Police Department is a fun place to work, and you can make a difference while you’re at it. They’re known for being friendly and accommodating, and they’ll do their best to accommodate your schedule. You’ll also have the chance to work with a diverse array of people, from your high school classmates to the elderly. Getting a job in law enforcement is not something to be taken lightly, and the rewards are well worth the effort.

The Vancouver Police Department is looking for top-shelf candidates to fill their ranks. If you’re considering a career in law enforcement, you’ll need to be ready to spend time and effort learning about the organization’s philosophies and protocols.


RCMP fingerprinting services are offered to West Vancouver residents. A certified criminal record check can be obtained by fingerprinting. Besides criminal records, the fingerprinting process is used for various other purposes.

Whether you are applying for employment, travel, or for a police certificate, you need to provide a complete set of your fingerprints. These records are stored in a local police database. RCMP fingerprinting services ensure fast, accurate results.

The RCMP has accreditation for digital fingerprinting. Digital fingerprinting is considered a safe way to verify identity. It is accepted by Canadian courts, immigration, and for a variety of other background inquiries. Applicants can also submit their fingerprints to a local RCMP accredited private fingerprinting agency.

A Certified Criminal Record Check is an embossed letter from the RCMP with details of the match. These checks can be mailed directly to the applicant. They also come on RCMP letterhead.

The RCMP’s Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Service verifies fingerprints against the National Repository of Criminal Records. The RCMP destroys fingerprints after 90 days.

The RCMP’s fingerprinting service accepts debit, credit card, and VISA. The fees are non-refundable. You may also be required to pay a processing fee.

Alternatively, you can visit any of the many fingerprinting agencies throughout Rogers. You will be able to find one at a local office or online. These agencies provide reliable results, and can be a great way to confirm your identity.

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