West Vancouver Zoning Changes

West Vancouver Zonings

On March 29th, West Vancouver is holding a public hearing on new changes to its zoning bylaws. The proposed changes are designed to allow for home-based daycares and artist studios. However, they are not without controversy. If you’re considering building a home-based daycare, here are some things to keep in mind.

Home-based artist studios

Whether you’re planning to build a studio or rent an office space, you’ll want to understand the zoning requirements and regulations for home-based artist studios. This will help you decide which type of property is right for your needs. If you’re a self-taught artist, you might want to consider renting an area where you can work in peace.

Currently, a home-based artist studio isn’t permitted on properties that are zoned for industrial uses. However, zoning changes for low-impact artist studios would make this type of property more acceptable in some neighbourhoods. Currently, only four industrial zones in the city are zoned for this type of business. These zones are located in the False Creek Flats, Railtown, and along the Fraser River.

If you want to build a home-based artist studio, you’ll need to get a permit from the City of Vancouver. In West Vancouver, the process is more complicated than you might think, because the City is trying to protect the city’s cultural landscape. It’s important to have your own license and insurance, since there are zoning regulations that govern this kind of activity.

Craft breweries

Craft breweries are an emerging trend in West Vancouver, and the city is taking steps to attract more of them. The city recently designated an area near the Lonsdale waterfront as a new brewery cluster. The area has previously been zoned for car garages and studios, but the zoning amendment has allowed larger scale breweries to open.

The new breweries in the Lonsdale waterfront area are a welcome addition to the community, providing new foot traffic to the streets. They are also contributing to tourism by providing an important revenue stream. In addition to the breweries, a new redevelopment is underway east of Lonsdale Quay, which will feature several hotels, shops, restaurants and public spaces.

Craft breweries in West Vancouver can enjoy a prime location near the Lonsdale Quay Market. The area features a lively waterfront community and some of the city’s best known breweries. In particular, the Powell Street Brewing Company has an active sour program and a tap room that features framed bottle labels. The brewery’s name is inspired by the town’s history and culture.

The new brewery in West Vancouver will have a wide range of beers available. In addition to offering beer for on-site consumption, the brewery will also sell its products to off-premises customers. It will also offer tasting flights, which are small samples of the company’s brews. Typically, tasting flights will consist of less than a pint.

Cypress Provincial Park

Cypress Provincial Park is a beautiful park in West Vancouver with a variety of natural features. The park is surrounded by water and offers many outdoor recreational opportunities. The park is a relatively temperate location with a mean annual temperature of nine degrees Celsius and fifty degrees F, making it a pleasant destination year-round. The park is home to a commercial ski resort, Cypress Mountain, and also features numerous hiking trails and wilderness camping. The area was the official venue for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

Cypress Village is an urban neighbourhood that is surrounded by natural space. The Cypress Village Official Community Plan focuses on conservation and enhancement of recreational opportunities. It also promotes compact and sustainable neighbourhoods. In addition, the plan recognizes the natural values of Eagleridge and the importance of transferring development rights into Cypress Village.

The area surrounding Cypress Park has a mountain bike trail network and is home to a number of private homes. Cypress Village is intended to be a gateway to mountain recreation and will include the necessary infrastructure and outdoor recreation opportunities. It will also offer connections to trails outside of the planning area.

Freeway routes

The city of West Vancouver is a district municipality of British Columbia, Canada. It is located northwest of the city of Vancouver, on the northern shore of English Bay and on the southeast shore of Howe Sound. The city is adjacent to the District of North Vancouver and the North Shore municipalities.

West Vancouver’s plan to expand its internal rail system has identified the need for a major expansion of freight rail capacity. This expansion is expected to create hundreds of jobs and support a vibrant community. However, in order to accommodate this expansion, the city has a few key concerns.

West Vancouver is a major gateway to the Pacific Northwest and is served by numerous highways. Highway one, which connects Vancouver with the rest of British Columbia, begins at Horseshoe Bay and extends eastward through the District of North Vancouver. Highway 99, which shares alignment with Highway 1, connects West Vancouver to Whistler and Downtown Vancouver. Several ferry routes are located in the region.


One of the key things that a prospective homeowner should consider when choosing a home is the proximity of schools to a home. Downtown West offers several school options within walking distance, including the renowned Lord Roberts Elementary School and its annex, Elsie Roy Elementary School and the new Westside Preparatory School. King George Secondary School is also nearby, with an exceptional reputation.

Public schools in Vancouver tend to be high-quality. However, the top schools are often located in more affluent neighbourhoods. Moreover, placement in public schools is dependent upon a child’s proximity to a school’s catchment area. Lastly, there are private schools in Vancouver, but they are highly selective.

Single family homes are permitted under the RS5 zoning in the District of West Vancouver. This type of zoning allows for single family dwellings close to the Ambleside neighbourhood. It contains the Ambleside Town Centre Local Area Planning Boundary. However, a proposed new use, called the Ambleside Town Centre LAP, would allow for the development of townhouse-type multi-family homes on a single-family site. In exchange, the developer must contribute a percentage of affordable ownership units to the development. Consequently, more housing opportunities will be available for people who cannot afford to buy their own home, but can’t afford to rent a mid-market rental property.


In response to community concerns about the deteriorating condition of our region’s water resources, the Environment of West Vancouver has introduced new regulations for site landscaping. These new regulations, which are part of the Zonings Bylaw, will require developers to provide a landscape plan and integrate on-property drainage and irrigation into the site development process. The new regulations are believed to be the first in the province to incorporate S.523 and S.527, the sections of legislation that govern runoff control requirements. They also address the over-engineering of stormwater systems.

West Vancouver’s zoning bylaws include various zoning zones for different types of businesses. Some areas are designated as residential, while others are commercial, industrial, or recreational. There are specific guidelines for each zone, including maximum building heights and setbacks, and lot coverage and floor area ratio. You can use the online mapping service WestMap to find out the zoning of any property in West Vancouver. The city currently has 23 Land Use Contracts (LUCs) with expiry dates of June 30, 2024.

West Vancouver’s 2021-22 strategic plan lays out the priorities of city council, including a goal of building 250 new homes annually. In addition, council aims to complete the first phase of the Ambleside local area plan, which governs the town centre, and the Taylor Way local area plan, which sets the foundation for future development. Meanwhile, plans for the Cypress Village neighbourhood continue to develop.

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