West Vancouver Swimming Pool Schedule

West Vancouver Swimming Pool Schedule

Until recently, it was difficult to find out exactly when the West Vancouver Swimming Pool would be open and close. However, there are some changes coming that will make it much easier to plan your day around the pool. Whether you’re looking for swim lessons, a fun family activity, or a relaxing dip, you’ll be able to find the schedule you need.

Kitsilano Pool

Located in Vancouver‘s Kitsilano neighbourhood, the Kitsilano Pool is an outdoor saltwater pool with a view of Kitsilano Beach. It is also the longest outdoor swimming pool in North America at 137 metres long. It is operated by the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation.

The pool was damaged in January 2022 during a “king tide” storm that caused significant damage to the nearby seawall. Early inspections by engineers showed cracks in the expansion joints and substantial cracks in the chambers. These repairs are being carried out to ensure structural integrity of the pool.

During the storm, the seawall and the Jericho pier suffered extensive damage. The pool was filled with tidal water from English Bay. However, the water level was not high enough to fill the chambers, and the pool was not able to be used.

Crews will be working at the pool for two weeks to repair the water chambers and heat the water. During the reopening weekend, the pool will be open for limited swimmers. This will depend on the availability of staff.

The pool’s capacity will be calculated based on the visitor-to-lifeguard ratio. If more people want to use the pool, they will need to book a spot online. If space is available, those without a valid Leisure Access Pass will need to pay.

The Kitsilano Pool is operated by the Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation. Its hours of operation vary by month. The pool is normally open from mid-May to mid-September. However, its hours may change depending on the weather.

If you plan on swimming at the Kitsilano pool during the summer, you may want to book a spot online. You can do this at least three days before your desired swimming date.

Fitness centre hours will be reduced

Despite a recent spate of closures, the fitness centre at West Vancouver’s aquatic complex remains open for business. The facility features a large, zero-depth entry leisure pool with a warm temperature and an impressive 20-metre waterslide tower. Also on hand is an impressive assortment of free weights, treadmills, and stationary bikes. The gym is also home to some snazzy amenities including a dry sauna and steam room. The most obvious of which is probably the fitness centre’s most impressive attribute: it’s location.

In a nutshell, the fitness centre at West Vancouver’s Aquatic Complex is a great place to spend some quality time with friends and family. Aside from the fitness centre, the facility features an aquatic complex complete with a leisure pool, a children’s pool, a sauna, steam room, and a gym albeit a small one. The facility is a worthy complement to West Vancouver’s other aquatic centres located in North Vancouver and Vancouver. The aquatic complex is also home to one of the city’s most impressive aquatic halls of fame, with over 300 lifeguards in tow. For more information about the Aquatic Complex, visit its website or call 604-932-8855. The facility has a small parking lot with plenty of free parking to boot.

FAST Program

Pedalheads is a swimming company that offers 1-hour swimming lessons in West Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond, BC. These lessons are aimed at developing confident young swimmers, and Pedalheads instructors use specialized teaching methods to accomplish this.

Pedalheads swim instructors are also popular with parents. They offer sports lessons for kids of all ages, and have taught over 500,000 kids in North America.

Pedalheads has opened a new location in Park Royal Shopping Centre. This facility features a custom-built swimming pool, and is also the location of Pedalheads’ swim program. This program has been teaching children and adults how to swim for over a decade.

The Park Royal Swimming Pool is the first of its kind in North America. It is constructed of stainless steel and is designed to cater to young swimmers. It has a shallow area, which gradually increases from 2.5 ft to 4 ft. It also has a shallow area for children that is designed to be less daunting for younger swimmers.

In addition, there are splash pads located throughout the city. These facilities vary in operating hours and are designed to attract kids. They are often located near homes, and allow children to have a safe and fun time in the water.

In addition to the splash pads, there are wading pools scattered throughout the city. These pools are designed for a more relaxing swim, and have different rules and regulations.

The FAST Program is designed to teach young students about lifeguarding and first aid skills. The program consists of classroom sessions, physical training, and leadership. Students are selected based on their swimming ability, as well as their grades. Participants will receive a Bronze Medallion upon completion of the program.

Accessibility enhancements

HCMA Architecture + Design is the award-winning firm behind West Vancouver Community and Aquatic Centre. The firm won the prestigious International Paralympic Committee Distinction for Accessibility in 2013. They also won the Once Foundation Accessibility in Architecture award.

The facility features a zero-depth entry leisure pool with warm temperatures, a lazy river, and a tot area. There are also fitness and weight rooms. The change room features ceiling track lifts. There are also accessible washrooms.

The facility also features a hot pool, sauna, and steam room. It is also wheelchair accessible. There are also family change rooms. There are also a number of public viewing areas. The facility has a cafe on site.

The facility also features high-contrast keyboards, screen magnifiers, and power-assisted entrance doors. It also offers large print books. There are also Talking Book programs.

The study will use a 3-phase approach to evaluate accessible features. The first phase will be a scoping review of existing accessibility standards. The second phase will be an objective audit of features. The third phase will use the data collected in the first two phases. This will include a Delphi process to prioritize recommendations. The findings will help to establish national park accessibility standards.

The study will also include a mobile interview of 24 diverse participants. This will be conducted in both provinces. The study has received approvals from research ethics boards in both provinces.

The study will be designed in collaboration with Accessibility Standards Canada. Participants will be recruited through existing studies and partnerships. In addition to the typical survey, participants will also be interviewed during winter and summer. This will include a swim test, which requires a roll in the water, tread water for 30 seconds, and roll out again.


Whether you are considering purchasing a West Vancouver swimming pool or thinking about having one built, it is important to research the costs. This includes maintenance, chemicals, electricity, and upkeep. If you are renting a West Vancouver swimming pool, you should check to see if your renter’s association will pay for the maintenance.

According to Landcor Data Corp., Vancouver has an average of one private pool per 163 British Columbians. They also found that Vancouver has had a small increase in total pools after 2003. However, the City of Burnaby has seen a decline in total pools and the City of Richmond has had a net decline in pools.

Currently, there are 1,292 pools in Vancouver. According to Real Estate Magazine, the biggest market for pools is middle aged buyers with teenagers. However, a quarter of homebuyers are opposed to pools.

There are a number of reasons why young families may not want to have a swimming pool. One reason is that the cost of maintaining a pool is high. Another reason is that a swimming pool is not a popular feature for seniors. Another reason is that a pool can be considered encroachment on the foreshore.

If you are considering having a West Vancouver swimming pool built, you can contact a local pool company for help. These companies can provide services such as pool design, construction, and maintenance. They can also recommend local contractors.

The cost of a West Vancouver swimming pool will vary depending on the size, depth, and type of pool you choose. It is also important to know your pool’s intended use. Some pools may be built for adults and children, while others may be for a mix of ages.

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