West Vancouver Recycling Locations

West Vancouver Recycling Locations

The District of West Vancouver has a wide variety of recycling and waste services for the community. You can find drop-off locations at Columbia Resource Company and North Shore Recycling and Waste Centre. You can also find bins and containers owned by the District. To learn more about these services and locations, click on the links below.

North Shore Recycling and Waste Centre

The North Shore Recycling and Waste Centre is one of many facilities that collect a range of recyclable items. These facilities are operated by Metro Vancouver and provide a range of free and paid services. In addition, recycling and waste management facilities will estimate the cost of processing each material stream. You can also weigh your vehicle when you enter and exit the centre to see how much you can recycle.

The new Metro Vancouver recycling and waste facility will be located in a rapidly growing part of the city and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 500 tonnes a year. It will also help combat illegal dumping. This new facility will be open to residents of the West Vancouver region. It will include a free recycling area where customers can drop off their recyclable items, and a paid recycling area that will accept clean wood, food scraps, and mattresses.

The North Shore Recycling and Waste Centre accepts many items compared to Recycle BC. It is located at 30 Riverside Drive West, North Vancouver, BC. It has separate entrances for Recycling and Waste. There are lineup cameras at the facility, and its hours are subject to change. You may want to call ahead to find out what is accepted.

This recycling and waste centre also offers multi-family recycling collection. The program uses 96-gallon carts that are able to accept three different material streams. Ninety percent of multi-family sites in the city use this recycling system. Commercial garbage collection is also provided by the private sector. Municipalities also provide weekly garbage collection.

North Shore Recycling and Waste Centre is located at 30 Riverside Dr., North Vancouver. It is open 7am to 6pm on weekdays, and 8am to 5pm on weekends and statutory holidays. During these hours, it is open to the public. To get more information, click on the icon.

Columbia Resource Company

There are many recycling options for Vancouver residents, and the Columbia Resource Company has three locations in the Clark County area. The company operates drop-off facilities to accept all kinds of waste and recycle it to its final destinations. The company also provides a list of materials it accepts for recycling on its website.

District-owned bins

The new three-stream bins will replace the old garbage cans along the streetscape, and they will be colour-coded to match the existing residential recycling program. The new bins will accept both paper and container recycling, in addition to traditional garbage collection. The new bins will be regularly maintained by Growing City, the district’s collection contractor.

Growing City is partnering with the District of West Vancouver to provide waste and recycling services to the streetscape. A message from the District of West Vancouver can be found attached to the Growing City program. In the meantime, residents can find recycling bins in their neighbourhood using the online form.

The West Vancouver MRF is located across the Columbia River from Portland and Oregon. The facility consists of 60,000 square feet, with 40,000 of it dedicated to the recycling process. The bins are free to the public and are conveniently located near West Vancouver shopping centres and other businesses.

To avoid clogged recycling bins, residents should remove all decorations before dropping off their Christmas trees. Trees may also be chipped at 355 West Queens Rd., in the District of North Vancouver. However, there are a few restrictions for dropping off trees. The trees must be smaller than 50 centimetres in length, and less than 10cm in diameter.

Columbia Resource Company drop-off locations

In West Vancouver, Columbia Resource Company has drop-off locations for recycling cooking oil, household electronics, and more. The company operates three materials recovery facilities, which are also known as transfer stations, in Clark County. These facilities accept many types of materials, which vary by location. Listed below are some of the materials accepted at each location.

The West Vancouver MRF is located in Clark County, Washington, across the Columbia River from Portland and Oregon. It has one line for sorting recyclable materials, which is ideal for local recyclers, and it covers 60,000 square feet, with 40,000 square feet devoted to recycling.

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