West Vancouver Population

west vancouver population

West Vancouver is a beautiful area located on the North Shore with a wide range of amenities. It is a popular destination for tourists and residents alike.

Interestingly, West Vancouver has the highest percentage of homeowners who are mortgage-free. This is a significant percentage compared to the province average.

Population density

West Vancouver is located on the North Shore of British Columbia and is home to Cypress Provincial Park, one of the venues for the 2010 Winter Olympics. The area is also a popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty and climate.

Indigenous settlement in the area began more than 10,000 years ago and includes the Squamish, Musqueam, and Tsleil-Waututh (Burrard) peoples. Archaeological records indicate that these people occupied villages throughout the region and had settlements near the present-day city of Vancouver.

Today, the city is a densely populated urban centre that boasts a population of 2.6 million. The area is one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse cities in Canada; 49 percent of residents do not speak English as their first language, and 25 percent are of Chinese heritage.

The majority of the residential population in the city lives in downtown and its surrounding suburbs, although many people commute to work from areas in the west or east. The City of Vancouver has identified these distant suburbs as having the fastest population growth, and has set a goal to increase the density of these communities.

However, achieving these goals requires extensive planning and investment in infrastructure. This will likely require redevelopment and renovation of older buildings as well as new construction.

In addition, the City has a number of land-use plans that are currently underway that aim to improve the quality of life for citizens. These plans include improving public transportation, increasing access to green spaces and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Despite these initiatives, the overall population density of the city remains low and is not expected to decrease over time. Some neighbourhoods such as Marpole, Fairview and Kitsilano are largely high-density and the density in these areas is increasing rapidly.

Some lower-density areas such as Shaughnessy have a more traditional city layout and are dominated by detached houses. There are some large, expensive homes in these neighbourhoods, and there is a good deal of development potential to expand the existing housing stock.

The area is also home to a major shopping mall, Park Royal Shopping Centre. In addition, the area has many outdoor recreation facilities. These include a golf course, a swimming pool, a ice rink, and skate parks.

Age distribution

West Vancouver is a popular residential area due to its scenic views of the Coast Mountains. The area also has a variety of parks, including Cypress Provincial Park and Whytecliff Park.

There are an estimated 42,470 people living in West Vancouver, with an average age of 47.4. Males make up 46.4% of the population, while females account for 53.2%. Locals over 65 years old represent the largest age group in West Vancouver (11,810 individuals), followed by those aged 55 to 64 (6,800 people).

A total of 8,975 residents have never been married (23.2% of the population). Meanwhile, wedded people in West Vancouver (20,815 locals) account for 56.9% of the resident pool.

Approximately 4.7% of locals live common law (that’s a total of 1,770 people). A large percentage of the city’s residents are employed, with 49.9% of the population earning a high-skilled salary and 5.7% not working at all.

The city’s economy is very strong and offers plenty of employment opportunities. However, there are a few important things to consider before making the move to West Vancouver.

Most of the city’s population is young and educated, with a high percentage of residents holding at least a high school diploma. This makes the area a great choice for families with children, as they will be able to find high-quality schools within the community.

Moreover, West Vancouver’s average household income is above the national median of $89,808 per year. This means that most of the people who live in the city are well-off and can afford to invest in their homes.

Another important factor to consider when looking for a new home is the area’s commute time. In some parts of the city, it takes more than half an hour to get to work, which may be a challenge for anyone trying to balance work and family life.

According to a study by Insights on Canadian Society, the average commute in West Vancouver has increased by nearly half a minute since 1996. This may be a good sign that people in the area are becoming more aware of traffic and are choosing to use public transportation instead.


West Vancouver boasts one of the best school systems in Canada, so expats moving with their children will find a wide variety of options. The most popular type of education is public, but there are also a number of private schools.

There are many factors to consider when selecting the right school for your child, including the location of the school in relation to your family’s home and your budget. Some schools are renowned for their personalised learning approaches, while others focus on academic achievement and sport.

The West Vancouver school system is known for its outstanding facilities, cutting-edge technology, and a legacy of academic success. As a result, WVS students consistently deliver top grades in academics, athletics, and the arts.

Located in the heart of Park Royal Mall, Scholars of West Vancouver offers high-quality tutoring programs for all ages. With in-centre and online options, our tutors use a range of engaging techniques to help children achieve their full potential.

If you are looking for the most effective way to help your children with their homework, our team of dedicated tutors will ensure that you receive results that matter. Our tutors are well-versed in the latest educational research, and they will work closely with you to create personalized learning plans that support your child’s unique learning style.

Our tutors can assist in every subject from Kindergarten through Grade 12. Whether you need extra assistance with a specific subject, or would like to make sure your child is prepared for a school entrance exam, our West Vancouver tutors are here to help.

There are a number of private schools in Vancouver and the surrounding region, most of which are managed independently and follow their own curriculums. However, these can be expensive, so expats need to carefully consider their budget and the school’s reputation when deciding which one is best for their family.

The University of British Columbia, located in Vancouver, has a number of high-quality academic facilities, and is a great option for those with an interest in science or engineering. For those interested in the arts, you can also check out the Vancouver Film School.


West Vancouver is a beautiful community with stunning ocean views. It has a number of employment opportunities available for local residents. Some of the most common jobs include management, business and sales.

The local economy is primarily a residential one, but tourism is also an important part of the local economy. In addition, the city is home to several major corporations and a large military base, which contributes to the high quality of life in the area.

According to the latest census data, West Vancouver had a population of 44,122 in 2021. It has grown by 3.9 per cent since 2016, adding 1,649 new residents.

Compared to other parts of the province, west vancouver has experienced a slow growth rate over the past five years. However, that hasn’t stopped the local government from trying to build new housing projects and redevelopments.

As a result, many of these projects have run into intense opposition from residents. These issues can lead to a rise in the unemployment rate and a decline in property values and rents, which in turn may affect the overall economy.

Another factor contributing to the declining population is the fact that many of the older residents in the city are not able to afford to stay in their homes. This is especially true in the downtown area, where many of the old buildings are falling down or are in disrepair.

In order to help address these issues, the City of West Vancouver is currently planning a series of public works projects in and around the downtown area. These projects will provide much-needed new infrastructure, including transit and parks.

It will also improve the quality of life in West Vancouver by bringing in more jobs and businesses to the area. As a result, this project will help the city achieve its vision to be one of the world’s most prosperous and liveable cities.

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