West Vancouver Homes for Sale in Cypress Village

Cypress Village West Vancouver homes for sale

If you’re looking for a new home in West Vancouver, you may want to consider Cypress Village. This high-density neighborhood has an independent transit service and a major retail district. It also has EV charging stations. This article will provide some information about the properties available in this community.

Cypress Village is a high-density neighbourhood

A new high-density neighbourhood planned for the slopes of West Vancouver is gaining attention, and it could be as large as 7,000 housing units. The project is a combination of residential, commercial, and community facilities. The District of West Vancouver has released a project overview, outlining its vision for the neighbourhood. The plan aims to build a dense walkable community with transit connections, affordable housing, and a retail village.

The Cypress Village development is part of the city’s comprehensive plan to redevelop the neighborhood. The city says that the proposed neighbourhood will protect a large natural area, limit suburban sprawl, and focus development in a compact and sustainable manner. The project is expected to be completed in stages, and the community will have a say in the planning process.

The District of West Vancouver is currently conducting a comprehensive consultation process to make sure residents are satisfied with the plans. This process will take several years, and the community is encouraged to share their thoughts and concerns. The first phase of the consultation process is expected to last until the spring of 2021. During this time, the city will consult with stakeholders and conduct detailed analysis.

The Cypress Village plan calls for the construction of a community centre at the village’s central area. This will be a hub for the community, with outdoor recreational facilities connected to it. In addition to this, a public school is planned. It would initially house a Kindergarten to Grade three elementary annex, but later expand to include grades four and seven. The plan also considers the construction of multi-purpose pathways, including elevated pathways, and new connections to mountain trails.

A new comprehensive development zoning and phased development agreement will guide the development of the neighbourhood and protect the Eagleridge lands. Once the agreement is finalized, the planning team will create an area development plan for the area, which will guide the development of the neighbourhood over the next 20 to 25 years.

British Pacific Properties (BPP) owns the land that will be developed for the planned village. This developer is expected to build a community centre, daycare centers, a library, a firehall, elementary school, and an arts and culture space. The proposed community may also include a Mayo Clinic-style health centre. The development plan will take into account the opinions and suggestions of residents.

It has an independent transit service

Located on the slopes of West Vancouver, Cypress Village is slated to become a high-density community, including a shopping and dining village. The District of West Vancouver is working with the community to create a master plan for the area. The proposal aims to build approximately 3,700 units of new housing, including affordable housing. There will also be a local commercial core, independent transit service, and community amenities.

Once built, Cypress Village will include 121 hectares of land. The project will be connected to the TransLink bus system at Park Royal, which is expected to reduce the number of private automobile trips out of the neighbourhood. In addition, there will be new trail networks connecting the development to the existing ones in the area. The development will also incorporate sustainability measures, such as EV charging stations, community gardens, and forest fire risk mitigation.

Cypress Village is a beautiful area for residents and visitors to enjoy. The neighborhood is a hub for recreation, and residents can enjoy the mountains and the sea. Cypress Mountain is nearby, providing snowboarding opportunities in the winter months. There is also the Baden-Powell Trail, which offers a jogging path.

Cypress Village has been envisioned as a sustainable urban community. The area is protected by a phased development agreement. The agreement will outline the phasing of development, and will provide guidelines for community amenities. In addition, the area development plan will help guide the development of the area over the next twenty to twenty-five years.

It has a major retail district

Located in West Vancouver, Cypress Village will eventually be a high-density neighbourhood with a major retail district. The development is set to be completed in 2045 and could include 3,700 market-rate and affordable homes. The area is adjacent to the Park Royal North shopping centre.

West Vancouver is home to a major shopping district and has several parks. It features an 18-hole par-3 golf course, a swimming pool, an ice rink, tennis courts, and skate parks. West Vancouver also has a new Community Centre, which opened in Spring 2009. Cypress Provincial Park is home to a mountain biking trail and large ski and snowboard resort. It was one of the locations for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Cypress Village will also feature an Independent Transit Service that will link to the TransLink bus network at Park Royal. This will make it convenient for residents to take transit instead of driving their vehicles to work or school. Additionally, the new development will incorporate a new trail network that will connect to existing trails. Sustainability measures are also planned, including community gardens and EV charging stations. The community will also incorporate measures to reduce the risk of forest fires.

Cypress Village is home to a 200-metre-long Trestle Bridge that connects the Cypress Pop-Up Village to Uplands. Its design is inspired by wooden railway bridges in Ontario, and was constructed using modern techniques and local timber. This bridge allows the Mountain Path to cross a riparian area with a light touch.

The community’s vision for Cypress Village is to create a sustainable urban community. Cypress Village’s zoning and area development plan are important steps towards that goal. The plan will define the overall character of the neighbourhood, phasing and amenities. The plan will also protect the Eagleridge lands and the natural beauty of the area.

It has EV charging stations

Residents of Cypress Village will have the opportunity to charge their electric vehicles at a dedicated EV charging station. The project will connect the neighbourhood to the TransLink bus service at Park Royal. It is expected to cut down on private automobile trips out of the community. The development will also feature new trails and community gardens that will connect to existing trails in the area. Cypress Village is also committed to reducing the risk of forest fires and using renewable energy sources.

Cypress Village is expected to be 90 percent apartments, with about four to five per cent townhouses and single-family dwellings. The single-family homes will range from 2,500 to 3,500 square feet. The community will also feature a pedestrian-oriented commercial village. It will include a grocery store, pharmacies, coffee shops, restaurants, and medical clinics. Cypress Village will also feature a community centre, which will be funded by the BPP. The community centre will have multi-purpose rooms for community use, and a library branch.

The District of West Vancouver has recently launched a consultation process to further develop Cypress Village. The project aims to create a dense, urban neighbourhood with transit connections, community amenities, and local services. The plan calls for three hundred and seventy new homes and will eventually support 7,000 residents.

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