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West Vancouver School District 45 is a progressive learning community serving students from the region. With 14 elementary schools and three secondary schools, the district has many things to offer students. For example, all schools feature dedicated music specialists and a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, so parents and students can use their own devices. In addition, the district has a Music specialist on staff and a Table tennis club. These are all great things for parents and students to know, but the best part about this progressive learning community is the people.


After implementing FreshGrade in their classrooms for three years, West Vancouver Elementary School district has taken this practice to the next level. The district is now implementing a report card pilot group, consisting of 30 teachers, who will use FreshGrade more intentionally for assessment and reporting to parents. This is intended to improve the current reporting system and promote digital literacy skills among students. Students can now show their learning in many different ways, including typing, recording voice, uploading photos, and even making videos.

Teachers at West Vancouver elementary schools are experimenting with FreshGrade to get a sense of the student-teacher interaction. Teachers can comment on other students’ posts and view theirs to see how they are learning. Teachers can also comment on the entries by providing constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement. Teachers can also add comments and share their experiences in the FreshGrade community. One student blog for each school is hosted on the FreshGrade site.

Cari Wilson is a lead teacher in the elementary innovation and technology program at West Vancouver. She has 20 years of classroom experience and a Masters in Educational Technology. She works with teachers and students at West Vancouver Elementary School to develop FreshGrade lessons. The West Vancouver district also has a certified Adult Continuing Education director, Siobhan Nordstrom, who has facilitated dozens of FreshGrade professional development sessions.

After being adopted by West Vancouver elementary schools, BCeSIS is now in use at the majority of secondary schools. According to the BCeSIS website, the remaining secondary schools have completed the conversion process. Although teachers at Rockridge and WVSS have not yet begun to use MyEd, other staff are completing back-end work. BCeSIS will continue to be used until the end of the school year, but is not recommended for all schools.

School district 45

Whether you’re a parent, a student, or both, you’re likely wondering where to enroll your child. West Vancouver Schools are located in British Columbia, and cover the municipality of West Vancouver, the community of Lions Bay, and the island of Bowen. To find out what your child’s school district is, simply follow this link. You’ll find more information about the schools within West Vancouver below.

The West Vancouver School District is a progressive learning community serving students from all over the region. There are fourteen elementary schools and three secondary schools. The district has long-standing traditions and an excellent track record. Each elementary school is equipped with a music specialist. Moreover, all elementary schools follow the Bring Your Own Device policy, which means students can use their own devices at school. And there’s a special annex in the district for international students.

Students from the West Vancouver School District have a high chance of getting scholarship money through government exams. Among other benefits, teachers can also expect a financial allowance of up to $4000 a year if they teach in remote or rural schools. Furthermore, students with special responsibilities in the school can find out more about their salaries on the BCPSEA website. However, if you’re a new teacher or are considering moving to the area, it’s best to find out about your salary options in the district’s collective agreement.

The School District 45 for West Vancouver Elementary Schools is one of the best-ranked in British Columbia. The district was the first in the province to accept international students. This district has one of the highest graduation and scholarship rates in B.C. With that high-quality education, it’s no wonder that students thrive in this area! In fact, many international students and local families are moving to West Vancouver to attend school. The West Vancouver School District is a great place to raise a family and enjoy a happy life.

Table tennis club

Lindbergh High School has a table tennis club with more than 20 members. The members vary in age, grade level and ability and the club meets once a week in the school’s commons. Students are encouraged to join the club, even if only for fun. This activity is a great stress-reliever for both boys and girls. Students are encouraged to join for the social benefits and to meet new people.

The first tournament was held in March. A total of 16 elementary school students took part, with the top two going into the Championships Group A division. Lower finishers went into Recreational Group B. In the Championships Group, players played double knockout. Each student got three more matches. The final match was a brother-sister match. The event was a success, with participants eager to participate in future events.

Last week, WTTC hosted a tournament that featured players from all over the world. Fourteen players were rated over 2500 at the event. One of the top players in the U2500 division was Canadian Jeremy Hazin, who defeated Nigeria’s Ojo Onaolapo in the final. Other notable winners included Cedric Oba and Amoolya Menon. The two-week camp was also filmed for a weekly TV show.

Despite the sex of the club, many people are interested in the sport. The first tournament was held in Westchester, which attracted players from more than 20 countries. To learn more, check out the ITTF article and the article by Margie Alley. On Oct. 3-6, the club hosted the USATT National Ranking Tournament for players 18 and under. Jay Chelur took pictures of the tournament. Juan Liu beat Yijun Feng in the open tournament’s final – his third straight win over his opponent.

Music specialist

The lack of a music specialist at West Vancouver Elementary Schools is an unfortunate reality, as other school boards in the Lower Mainland have mandated a music specialist. Other school boards have found ways to stretch their tight budgets to fund this vital component of the curriculum. However, the Vancouver School Board has cited a steep decline in public school attendance as a reason for not providing support for these elemental subjects. This decision is a serious missed opportunity for a city that should do more to promote music education.

After taking Music Together classes with her own son, Donalyn Ross began teaching music lessons to children. She fell in love with the process of learning and teaching through music. Music is a powerful medium for connecting and inspiring children and parents, and she enjoys sharing her love of music and movement with students. She has also completed Music Together training and is registered as a Music Together teacher. This combination of interests makes her a highly effective music educator at West Vancouver Elementary Schools.

The West Vancouver School District is progressive and technologically advanced, serving approximately 7,200 students. The district allows students to bring their own devices to class. They also provide students with technical devices and encourage the students’ use of these devices. Students at West Vancouver Elementary Schools can take pride in their talents and experience, which will inspire them to achieve their goals. Taking pride in the arts is a rewarding and lifelong career choice. When teaching music at an elementary school, you can expect your students to learn a variety of skills and become a better musician.

West Vancouver Secondary School is one of three public high schools in the area. It was founded in 1962 and is home to a large contingent of international students, mostly from the Far East and South America. It also offers IB Diploma courses and is known for its athletic prowess. The school offers French immersion and is one of the best-known in BC, with its students regularly going on to prestigious universities. Its music department, in particular, is very strong.


West Vancouver Schools are adopting a variety of technological tools in the classroom to help students learn more about the internet. Currently, almost 90 per cent of elementary school students have some form of mobile device, including iPads and iPods. But as the world’s population becomes increasingly connected, the use of technology must be done safely and ethically. This is why West Vancouver Schools have implemented wireless technology in classrooms. These tools meet international and national safety standards, ensuring students’ safety and well-being.

The West Vancouver School District offers a high quality education in a beautiful urban setting. This district boasts 14 primary schools and three secondary schools. It consistently ranks in the top percentile of all British Columbia schools. It has a combined population of 45,000, including students from more than twenty countries. The school district is located about 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver in a residential area with beautiful homes and picturesque scenery. The school district’s test scores are above the national average.

The superintendent of schools of the West Vancouver School District is Chris Kennedy. A former secondary English and social studies teacher, Kennedy has worked in both elementary and secondary schools. He was appointed as superintendent in October 2009 and is an accomplished educator. Kennedy has written articles for Canadian and international publications. His latest honors include the Top 10 Newsmakers in Educational Technology, Education Blogger, and Educational Technology K-12 Leader of the Year. Additionally, he earned his doctorate in educational technology from the University of Kansas.

The school’s original theatre is now home to the Kay Meek Arts Centre. Founded by West Vancouver resident Kay Meek, this new theatre has a main theatre seating 490 and a black-box studio theatre. The theatre was finished in February 2006 and the Kay Meek Arts Centre opened with a show dedicated to her health. During the mid-1990s, the school had to temporarily move classes to portables during renovations. Kay Meek Arts Centre is now home to the Vancouver Recital Society, Early Music Vancouver, Theatre West, and Theatre K.

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