West Vancouver Elementary Schools

West Vancouver Elementary Schools

West Vancouver Elementary Schools offer a diverse curriculum that supports learning in multiple ways. Some specialize in French Immersion, while others are Montessori or International Baccalaureate certified. All strive to develop a strong foundation in literacy, math, social-emotional skills, and a love of learning. In addition, some elementary schools have music specialists on staff.

West Vancouver School District

The West Vancouver School District includes 14 elementary schools and three secondary schools. In addition, there is an alternate school called the Alternate Career and Continuing Education for Secondary Students. Despite its relatively small size, the West Vancouver School District offers a number of programs that will appeal to international students. These programs will allow international students to participate in all aspects of Canadian culture and life.

West Vancouver Secondary School (WVSS) is a five-year secondary school that educates students in grades eight to twelve. The school features two campuses and includes a cafeteria, gym, and two sports fields. Both sports fields are grass, and the main field has a running track around it.


The curriculum for West Vancouver Elementary Schools covers a wide range of topics, from the arts to physical education. The district has an excellent sports program that includes indoor and outdoor sports. It also offers social and community clubs that foster teamwork, communication and friendship. For international students, the principal of the International Student Program meet with parents once a year to discuss student progress and answer questions.

West Vancouver Schools are considered among the best in the province and have been on the forefront of the region’s transition to a new curriculum. The new curriculum includes new technology to support student learning, such as the Discovery Education Science Techbook, which includes digital explorations and hands-on labs. It also includes an interactive glossary and data analysis activities. The new curriculum provides teachers with the necessary tools to create engaging lessons.

The West Vancouver Secondary School is a public high school, one of three public schools in the city. The school has a diverse student body that is predominantly from the Far East and South America. The school offers the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB) and is especially strong in performing arts. The school was established in 1962 and has many students from many countries studying here. It has a prestigious arts program and is home to one of the oldest public high schools in the city.

The government is investing $95 million in education programs, and every school district will receive a portion of the money. The government’s School Enhancement Program, or SEP, will provide approximately $13 million to school districts to upgrade their facilities and implement technology to help students learn better. The government has approved almost six-hundred projects under the program.


West Vancouver Schools are experimenting with virtual reality headsets in their classrooms. The school district has purchased 30 headsets, which they plan to use to supplement regular classroom learning. The headsets allow students to experience a massive stone pyramid or the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles without actually having to travel to those places.

The use of virtual reality goggles is just one of many experiments being conducted in West Vancouver schools. One West Vancouver elementary school, Hollyburn Elementary, is among those using virtual reality goggles in its Grade 2/3 classroom. The school is hoping to roll out the project every year. Those who participate in it get to meet other children from other schools.

The West Vancouver School District is home to several schools and three high schools. The district has one of the highest graduation and scholarship rates in B.C. The district is also one of the first in Canada to welcome international students. To learn more about the district’s educational initiatives, visit its website. Its Superintendent of Schools, Chris Kennedy, has a history of innovation and education. He has been recognized by Macleans Magazine as one of the Top 10 Canadian Newsmakers in Education Technology, named the Canada’s Top Education Blogger, and named a Top Educational Technology K-12 Leader.

Technology is an important tool in the classroom, but it must be used in conjunction with educational goals and objectives. It should enhance learning and foster students’ creativity and critical thinking. In this way, the use of technology can help students become their own best selves in the rapidly changing world. If used correctly, technology can enhance learning across the curriculum.

The West Vancouver Board of Education has been investing in technology infrastructure for eight years, and continues to provide professional development training to educators. However, costs are increasing, and this presents a challenge for school districts across BC. The Trustees will need to advocate for increased funding to support their efforts. If they want their students to have the best possible technology, they need to invest in modern technology.

Music specialist

Whether you live in the City of West Vancouver, Lions Bay, Bowen Island, or any other community in the British Columbia Province, there’s a chance that you’ve heard of the West Vancouver School District. These schools are part of the larger School District 45. They are one of the most comprehensive in the province and cater to students of all ages.

Music is important in the lives of children and there is an excellent program available to help students develop their musical abilities. In West Vancouver, music is incorporated into the school curriculum through various methods. A music specialist specializes in incorporating a musical instrument into the classroom curriculum. There are three levels of teachers who are involved with this program.

The district Fine Arts Office provides teachers with resources and information on the fine arts. They also help with hiring and screening new teachers. Over 2000 phone calls are answered each year by the office. They also provide support for the schools’ Fine Arts budgets. They also help parents with fine arts questions. The staff at the Fine Arts Office are dedicated to the success of the West Vancouver School District.

Music specialists in West Vancouver Elementary Schools can help educators develop a musical talent in their students. It can be a fun and rewarding career. A music specialist can help students learn a new instrument and make a difference in their lives. Some districts have music programs that have a high quality standard.

In the early 1960s, the Secondary Instrumental Teachers Association was formed, which included music educators from around BC. Fred Turner was one of the founding members and was a Vancouver music supervisor for 16 years. Since then, the District Music Supervisors have included a variety of highly qualified music educators in their ranks. Since then, they’ve become the model for music education in British Columbia.

Kerry McLaughlin began her career as an elementary school music teacher in 1963. She was responsible for staffing and curriculum development in music and dance. Later, she was named Director of Fine Arts and acted as a liaison with the community. She also helped organize and chair the Abbotsford Music Festival for 15 years. This annual event was modeled after large prairie music festivals.

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