The West Vancouver Library

West Vancouver Library

If you’re new to West Vancouver, the library is located in the 1900 block of Marine Dr. It officially opened in 1950 and was given street number 1950 by the municipality. There are four main sections of the library that you can visit. Learn about their programs and history. Also, see what collections are available. You’ll be glad you did. If you have questions, feel free to ask staff. Listed below are some helpful tips. Read on!


The West Vancouver Library is a public library that serves the district municipality of the same name in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Founded in 1917, the library has grown into a large facility that now serves nearly half a million people a year. This beautiful building has been a popular destination for families since it opened. Visitors can expect to find everything from children’s story time to music and film to children’s books and audiobooks.

In addition to reading materials, the West Vancouver Library also offers several programs geared toward children and teens of all ages. There’s babytime, tales for twos, and storytime fun for children three to five years old. Children will enjoy songs and action rhymes as well as activities to encourage reading. Adults can also take advantage of computer training, database training, and author readings. Even the West Vancouver Library hosts special events, such as wine appreciation nights.

The West Vancouver Municipal Library works with community partners to plan programs and services, and consults the community on an ongoing basis to improve their offerings. Many community organizations and senior service groups are partners of the library, and it’s important to reach out to the local community to hear what is important. The library’s partnership with care homes has been important in the past as the lack of library hours and seating have been a major hardship for many seniors. However, the library is now working to remedy these issues and make programs available to a wider audience.


The west Vancouver library is located in the Ambleside neighbourhood. It offers free WiFi, homework assistance, and art exhibitions. In addition to its collections, the West Vancouver library offers programming for children and teens, movie nights, and language learning. On select days, it is open late to accommodate community events and special occasions. The library also hosts Friday concerts, technology training, and language classes. Whether you’re interested in learning a new language or just browsing through books, the library has something for everyone.

The west Vancouver library is located at 1900 Marine Dr. It was officially opened in 1950. It was named after the street that houses it. Because the library serves the entire community, it is an important resource for people in the West Vancouver area. The library is one of West Vancouver’s oldest buildings. Its exterior features a mural of a man surrounded by a sea of water. Inside, you’ll find a stairwell, children’s play area, and a reading room. The library has a multilingual staff and a Persian collection of more than 2,500 books. In addition, there are specialized databases that offer information on various topics including Business, Consumer Information, and Genealogy. Lastly, it features a permanent art collection and a music section. This section offers music-related programs and technologies.


The West Vancouver Library opened its doors in 1950, and has since continued to expand its services and program offerings. The library hosts several events each year – from music appreciation and English language classes to cultural programs and local history. Today, the library is a vital community resource that attracts thousands of people annually. Many community groups partner with the library to provide programs that benefit residents. Many of these organizations are involved in the West Vancouver community, including the West Vancouver Historical Society and the North Shore Multicultural Society.

The West Vancouver Library was undergoing a transformation in the 1960s. By the end of the decade, the community was growing by about 1,000 residents each year. By the year 1961, the population was twenty-five thousand, with a record number of school children. As a result, the library’s collection had grown to 40,000 items. By the 1960s, more than half of the city’s residents had library cards.

During the Second World War, West Vancouver was focused on the war effort. A petition and a by-law were passed on December 16, 1944, allowing construction to begin. Shortly after the War ended, the West Vancouver Municipal Council voted to build the library as a war memorial. While the library was a popular community service, it did not serve the local community well during the Great Depression. Residents relied on private lending libraries and gift shops to keep themselves entertained.


The West Vancouver Memorial Library is a public library in the district of the same name in the province of British Columbia, Canada. It serves the city of West Vancouver and its surrounding communities. Its collection includes the works of many famous writers, such as Jack London. The library was founded in 1897 and is now a major cultural hub in the area. The main library is a historical landmark and is one of the largest in the province.

There are many events and programs offered by the West Vancouver Library, including computer training seminars, database training, author readings, slideshows, films, and more. The library is conveniently located just a block away from the West Vancouver Seawall. Visitors can relax and enjoy the view from the roof-top at Readers’ Rooftop, or visit the library during the warmer months. There are also free WiFi and outdoor seating on the library’s rooftop. The library is open to the public Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The library is open 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and is open to the public until 31 p.m.

The West Vancouver Memorial Library is a dynamic space that offers a wide variety of services. Besides its books and computers, the library offers free WiFi, homework help, an art gallery, and programming for children and teens. The library also hosts cultural events, such as Friday evening concerts and movie nights. Programs are offered for all ages, from babysitting to technology training. And the library works closely with other organizations and community organizations to provide a wide range of services and resources.

Partnerships with local organizations

The West Vancouver Memorial Library was founded in 1950 as a war memorial and has expanded its services ever since. The library hosts many events, including music appreciation, local history, English language learning, and reconciliation with Indigenous people. Partnerships with local organizations help West Vancouver Library expand its programming and reach a broader audience. A variety of programs and services are provided to residents and visitors of the area for free. To learn more about these programs, please visit the library website.

The Community Engagement and Outreach Committee is comprised of community members who are active in the community. Joanne McLean, who was involved in developing the Forum for Dialogue and Learning, has extensive experience in government and community engagement. She is passionate about environmental issues and is currently involved with the Local Area Plan and Horseshoe Bay Park Revitalization. She is a West Vancouver native with more than thirty years of experience in the community.

The Arts in Education Committee of the WVCAC collaborated with West Van‘s three high schools to create the Showcase of Spring Stars ’85. This showcase featured local musicians and student art in the cafeteria. Students presented their works to a jury of established artists and educators and were able to gain feedback from them. In addition to presenting their work to a larger audience, the Showcase also raised funds for the local arts organizations involved.

Programs for older adults

The West Vancouver Library offers programs for older adults. The library serves the district of West Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. It is a great place for seniors to get the information they need to stay active and enjoy life. The library offers a variety of services, including free computers and a library card, so no matter what your needs are, you’ll find something at the West Vancouver Library to meet them. It is also home to many other resources, such as a computer lab, a computer center, and several other services.

WVML programs are aimed at helping older adults maintain their independence and build their confidence and skills. They are designed to encourage social interaction and active participation, and to help older adults preserve their memories and express themselves. The library’s collections of large print books feature popular titles from different genres, and the collection is updated regularly to include the latest titles. For those who are blind or have difficulty reading, the library offers free home delivery for its programs.

Seniors’ libraries are changing, but the West Vancouver Library is still there for them. The Library has been partnering with several organizations to offer programs for older adults. The Royal Canadian Legion, North Shore Multicultural Society, and West Vancouver Historical Society have all partnered with the library to provide these services. Thousands of adults attend senior programs at the library every year. The library is also expanding its online resources and services to meet the needs of older people.

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