The Oldest House in West Vancouver

Oldest House In West Vancouver

The Oldest House in West Vancouver is located at 1990 Fulton Ave. The house is 4,049 square feet and has two legal suites in the basement. It has 22-foot ceilings and is full of elegant features, like fireplaces and wood-paneled walls. It was built in the early 20th century by liquor magnate George Reifel.

Spencer House

Built in 1913, Spencer House is one of West Vancouver‘s oldest houses. It was featured in a 1918 promotional brochure that described a natural, idyllic lifestyle. The house was also featured in the 1939 Gardens Beautiful Tour and was praised for its flower-filled gardens and rare shrubs and trees. While it has undergone extensive renovations, the house still retains a significant amount of its character.

The house can be visited on guided tours only, which are available on weekends and on Mondays. You can buy tickets online or in person. The number of people on each tour is limited. For the general public, you may want to reserve a date in advance to make sure you’ll be able to visit the house.

A group of volunteers has organized a fundraiser to renovate the house. The group hopes to raise $2.6 million to restore the building. They have pledged $1 million, and will seek grants and donations for the remainder of the funds. The goal is to get the house back to its original state as a seaside cafe/wine bar.

The house was once known as the Aberthau Mansion. However, it was taken over by the federal government in 1938. It was then sold to the city of Vancouver. Today, it is home to the West Point Grey Community Centre. The interior is elegant, with ribbed plaster ceilings and linen-folk oak paneling. From the main entrance, you can enjoy the breathtaking views of English Bay and the Gulf of Georgia.

The interior of the house is full of history. The Music Room, for example, has Greek decor with a large dining table and chairs with blue checkered upholstery. The Music Room also hosts meetings of the Olympic Committee. The official Olympic cauldron is displayed here. The Lady Spencer’s Room, on the other hand, is where she once had private conversations. It features a fireplace and a flower box in the centre.

Casa Mia

Whether it’s a simple lunch on the way home from the market or a delicious family dinner, Casa Mia is a place for the whole community to gather. It’s a place where neighbours catch up, ingredients are picked up on the way home, and a place where authentic food is shared.

Built in 1932, Casa Mia is a grand mansion with more than 20,000 square feet of space, an outdoor pool, and eight bedrooms. George Reifel, the man who built Casa Mia, was a liquor magnate during the Prohibition era. Reifel also opened the Commodore Ballroom in downtown Vancouver. He had a lavish home and lavish parties. In fact, Reifel’s son brought famous jazz musicians to the house for late night parties.

The estate has nine fireplaces, a sauna, and a ballroom with sprung floors. The ballroom was built by the same crew that constructed the Commodore. The basement also contains a fully functioning club, with washrooms and a billiards room. It even has an attached bar. Alma Jane Reifel recalled a time when the house was home to the likes of Count Basie, Cab Calloway, and Dizzy Gillespie, all of whom performed at the Casa Mia.

There are a lot of secrets to be found inside Casa Mia. From hand-painted Disney characters to a walk-in closet bigger than some people’s apartment, this historic house has an interesting history. The house was even used as a film set during the filming of “Fifty Shades of Grey” a few years ago. The former owner of the house, Ross Lort, had three children and one great grandchild.

Casa Mia is located at 2215 Marine Dr. The food menu is created by Vancouver chef Alessandro Vianello. There are breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. You’ll be able to choose from a range of Italian and B.C. wines, as well as a zero-proof selection. The restaurant is open Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner.

Point Ellice House

Point Ellice House was built in 1861 and overlooks the Gorge Waterway. It has an extensive collection of furniture, decorative objects and fine china. In addition, it has a working kitchen, a small orchard, and a cut flower garden. The Vancouver Island Local History Society operates the house with financial support from the province.

There have been a number of paranormal investigations conducted in the house. Two years ago, paranormal investigators filmed movement in areas of the house where there was no one. They also captured ghostly voices and images in the house. The investigators are now investigating the house further and will release their findings in the future.

The house was once owned by John and Inez O’Reilly. It was sold to the province in 1975. Inside are all of the family’s belongings – furniture, dishes, luggage, clothes, musical instruments, and more. The gardens remain as they were when the family lived there.

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