The Glass House West Vancouver

The Glass House West Vancouver

The Glass House is a custom-built home designed by acclaimed Canadian architect Arthur Erickson. Built in West Vancouver for Hugo Eppich, co-founder of a fabrication company, the structure is made up of steel and glass. The house is stunning and incredibly low-cost, costing less than half of the most expensive condo in Vancouver, or less than some Vancouver mansions.

Eppich House II

Eppich House II is one of the most iconic homes in Canada. Designed by acclaimed architect Chuck Eppich, it is a one-of-a-kind, custom-designed residence that sits on 1.18 acres of pristine grounds. The property is available for sale, and it is an incredible opportunity for home buyers to own one of his most remarkable creations.

The West Vancouver home has a special cultural significance. It was designed by Canadian architect Arthur Erickson, who was Canada’s most famous architect for decades. The late architect was credited with designing dozens of landmark buildings, including the UBC Museum of Anthropology, UBC Law Courts and SFU’s Burnaby campus. But now, his legacy is under threat.

The owners of this home are now in their 80s, and they are looking for a new place. They were initially aiming to build a more traditional home with concrete and brick, but were disappointed when many buyers were unwilling to take the plunge. They have since completed extensive research and plan to restore the home to its original vision.

The house has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, spread across three terraced levels. The lower-level bedrooms are for guests, while the top-floor master bedroom overlooks the Burrard Inlet. A curved glass wall, meanwhile, stretches from the living room to the upper master bedroom, providing privacy and light. The main level ‘great room’ resembles a 1970s spy film set, with its shiny steel pillars and wood-paneled ceiling. The room flows into the kitchen and dining area, which includes an Arthur Erickson-designed red and gold dining chair.

Reflecting pool

The reflecting pool at The Glass House West Vancouver is a striking feature of the property. This water feature is fed by the Strait of Juan de Fuca and is surrounded by two branch-like arms that offer views of the Pacific Ocean. This is an excellent place to take a dip, and the surrounding landscape includes the Olympic mountain range. The property also features a Garry oak grove, an ecosystem that is at risk of becoming extinct. The structure is supported on a concrete platform, and the two cantilevered arms are elevated above important tree root zones.

The Eppich House II was designed by architect Arthur Erickson and was built in 1988 for Hugo Eppich. The home is still owned by Mr. Eppich, and is a local landmark that has been featured in a number of design publications and a feature film. The Eppich House II is a piece of art that was created by one of Canada’s most celebrated architects. Throughout his career, Erickson has designed many buildings throughout Western Canada and other parts of the world. This home, for instance, is the first Canadian masterpiece by the renowned architect.

The house also includes an infinity-edged reflecting pool that oozes tranquility. It is surrounded by unstructured gardens that were designed by renowned landscape designer Cornelia Oberlander. The glass-walled family room opens to this peaceful pool, which is Eppich’s favorite place to relax. A self-contained carriage house is also adjacent to the pool and has curved glass sliding doors.

Curved steel framing

The design of the curvy steel framing at The Glass House West Van is an interesting exercise in postwar architecture. It was intentionally constructed with the roof curved at an angle and then allowed to settle in its new position. This approach is unusual for residential buildings, which are typically designed for a vertical plane.

The house was commissioned by Hugo Eppich, owner of a steel fabrication company. Eppich built the curved steel frame in his own plant. Other Eppich fabrication companies made the furniture for the house. It was finished in 1988. This house was built in the Pacific Northwest’s coastal climate.

The interiors were designed to withstand nature. The home was built on the edge of a bluff and has rock faces that are exposed in several rooms. The interior features finely detailed doors, windows and millwork. The exterior is adorned with zinc roof panels and stainless steel sunshades. Pennsylvania bluestone walls unify the interior with the exterior. The white oak floors and beech cabinetry give the home a warm and comfortable feel. The windows and doors are made of Douglas fir.

Chrome pillars

Located on the west side of Vancouver, the 10,000-square-foot Glass House is a contemporary masterpiece. The house is surrounded by lush landscaping and features walls of shimmering glass. Designed by Taylor Johnson and Howard Airey of The Airey Group, the home was built for an Australian family. The open plan layout allows for easy flow of the interior spaces while preserving the exterior views. The house also features a hot tub and a reflecting pool.

Carriage house

The Eppich House II is a stunning home designed by Arthur Erickson. It features 6,000 square feet of living space, surrounded by 1.18 acres of greenery. The home has huge windows that let in plenty of natural light and allow residents to take in the scenery around them. The interior also features many pieces of Erickson furniture.

The main level features a huge reception area and two open spaces with a wood burning fireplace. There are also two bedrooms on the top floor that offer distant views of the Burrard Inlet. The main level features a living room with the feel of a 1970s spy movie set, thanks to its wood-paneled ceiling and shiny steel pillars. The living area flows into the dining room, which has Arthur Erickson-designed red and gold dining chairs.

The home also features curved steel furnishings. The architect, Erickson, collaborated with the Eppich steel fabrication plant to create the design. Brigitte Eppich told her architect that she wanted to be able to look through the house to watch her kids play. The glass facade was also a request of hers.

The Eppich residence is set on a stunning 1.18 acres of land in West Vancouver. It has four bedrooms and a carriage house, as well as a hot tub and pool. This home is a must-see for architecture fans. The price tag is high because of the artistic prestige of the house.

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