The Glass House West Vancouver

The Glass House West Vancouver

The Glass House in West Vancouver is a beautiful house that is a blend of old and new, blending the charm of a Victorian house with the comforts of contemporary living. The house features curved glass sliding doors, a reflective pool, and a grove of Garry oaks. It was built in 1988 for Hugo Eppich.

Eppich House II was built in 1988 for Hugo Eppich

The Glass House West Vancouver is a striking, contemporary masterpiece. Built for an Australian family, this 10,00-square-foot home features a curved, reflecting pool, a carriage house with curved sliding doors, and shimmering walls of glass.

The Eppich brothers started EBCO Industries, a steel and chrome manufacturer and aerospace fabrication company. They also established an electroplating and upholstery company. The brothers had immigrated from Slovenia in the early 1950s. They are now in their 80s and still live in their West Vancouver home.

The Hugo and Brigitte Eppich House, located in West Vancouver, was designed by Arthur Erickson. The house is situated on 1.18 acres of private land. The property is surrounded by lush landscaping. The house has four bedrooms and a living area. The main living level opens to a peaceful, infinity-edged pool. The upper floor offers sweeping views of the Burrard Inlet. The lower level includes a childrens’ and guest’s bedroom.

The glass and steel construction of the Eppich house is breathtaking. Its walls of shimmering glass are punctuated by stainless steel columns. The entire structure appears to flow over the land like a waterfall. Its roof is intentionally constructed with an angled roof.

Eppich’s house has been the subject of significant attention over the years. The house is considered to be the work of the most famous Canadian architect of the twentieth century. It is a true testament to the creative brilliance of the man behind the project.

The Eppich family’s West Vancouver residence is currently up for sale. The property is listed for $9.988 million. The listing is with Eric Latta of Sotheby’s International Realty Canada. The residence is located on the west side of the road, near the Burrard Inlet.

Curved steel framing

When it comes to glass and steel construction, Erickson’s house in West Vancouver is a stalwart. The glass wall on the main level provides natural light and privacy. The infinity-edged pool is surrounded by the same curved steel framing as the main house.

The house itself has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. The top floor features a master suite overlooking the Burrard Inlet. Designed by a well-known architect, the home is a must-see for architecture buffs. The wavy steel frames are filled with floor-to-ceiling glass.

Architect Arthur Erickson designed The Glass House West Vancouver in 2006. The glass wall on the main level provides natural sunlight and privacy. The infinity-edged reflecting pool is surrounded by the same curved-steel framing as the main house. The home’s other notable feature is the water atop a rock slope. This ingenious solution to a steep site has proven to be a boon to owners.

The main level ‘great room’ combines a kitchen, dining area and living room. The red and gold dining chairs from Erickson’s own design firm are a nice touch. The’magic’ is a series of platforms that are cleverly engineered to overcome a steep rock face.

The Glass House West Vancouver is a nifty looking structure. The curved steel framing at the front of the house, the’magic’, the glass walls and the water atop a rock’slope’ prove that glass and steel can be built into one solid package. It cost less than half of the cost of some of Vancouver’s pricier mansions. The best part is that the house is a true testament to the design genius of Arthur Erickson. The design will be preserved and restored to its original glory.

Garry oak grove

Garry oak groves are an endangered ecosystem. They are located in southeastern Vancouver Island. In past times, the region was a large hardwood forest. The groves are now threatened by land transformation. Urbanization and fire suppression have reduced the numbers of trees. The groves provide rich habitat for birds and other wildlife.

The ecosystem includes parklands, grasslands, woodlands, and meadows. It is a unique area of biological diversity. It is considered a “hot spot” for biodiversity in the British Columbia region.

There are a number of important species that depend on the area. Some of them include the Duskywing butterfly and camas bulbs. Many of these are red-listed plants.

The ecosystem is one of the most endangered in Canada. It is also a significant conservation area. To help protect it, the Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society has been working on the area. They offer information on how to plant the trees, as well as resources on Garry oaks.

Visitors to the preserve can arrange a tour. The site is owned by the Nature Conservancy of Canada. The preserve features 52 acres of deep-soil Garry woodland meadow.

The meadows are particularly well-suited to the spring season, as they are full of bright wildflowers. There are a number of mammals, insects, and fungi that use these habitats.

The groves are an essential component of the region’s biological diversity. It provides food and shelter for a diverse bird population. It supports numerous fungi, including lichens, moulds, and mushrooms.

The groves are surrounded by a variety of native plant species. These include a number of rare and endangered species. The groves are also home to a variety of insects and small mammals.

Reflecting pool

The Reflecting Pool, a very early work by Bill Viola, illustrates how a shift in perception can change the way we see. He has been creating single-channel videos for thirty years. Currently, he is experimenting with new ways to manipulate viewers’ perceptions.

The property features a beautiful reflecting pool. It is a contemporary design that merges Eastern and Western influences. It appears to float on an oriental garden setting.

The reflecting pool is fed by a creek that has been diverted. It provides a serene spot for visitors to relax. The property also features a self-contained carriage house. It features curved glass sliding doors.

The home is located on a 51,500 square foot lot. It has 6,000 square feet of living space. It features four bedrooms, a covered outdoor dining area, a steam shower ensuite, and a theatre room. The property is surrounded by unstructured gardens. The home also has separate spaces for children and parents. The property is a few minutes from amenities.

The reflecting pool reflects the landscape of the surrounding Garry oak grove. It also acts as a backdrop for rotating art installations. Its exterior is made of stainless steel cladding and dark-coloured glazed frames.

It is a great escape from the ordinary. The reflecting pool has a shallow outer basin floor, which helps to suppress wave formation. The lower rim of the outer basin also creates a calm surface.

The main floor is open for visitors. It includes a family room that opens to the infinity-edged pool. The property also has a guest pavilion with a frameless glass balcony. Its exterior is designed to echo the forms of the main house.

Carriage house with curved glass sliding doors

The Glass House West Vancouver is a stunning contemporary home designed by the architect Arthur Erickson. It boasts an infinity edge reflecting pool, a garry oak grove and a stunning Pacific Ocean view. It also features a unique architectural design that combines steel and glass.

The home is based on a curved pavilion design, which is a great way to create a compact and streamlined space. The curved steel and glass structure of the main house also has a secluded, private feel. The curved glass wall stretches from the living room to the upper master bedroom.

Other features include a carriage house that provides additional living space and a remodeled kitchen. On each level, there are expansive sliding doors to open the home to the surrounding outdoor area. There are also two contemporary spa-like bathrooms with limestone timing, back-lit stone work and rainfall shower heads.

The main level is designed to mimic a 1970s spy film set. Its ‘great room’ has an eye-catching wood-paneled ceiling and shiny steel pillars. The room flows into a dining area with an Arthur Erickson designed dining chair. There is also a custom-made mirror that sits atop a makeup table.

The infinity-edge pool is covered by the same chrome pillars as the main house. It is surrounded by unstructured gardens. It is fed by the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

The home’s two contemporary spa-like bathrooms feature limestone timing and stand-alone wall sinks. The two are linked by a back-lit stone work and rainfall shower head.

The home is on a 1.18-acre plot in West Vancouver. It includes a carriage house and a private rooftop terrace. It has four bedrooms and four baths. The top floor bedroom has a view of the Burrard Inlet.

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