The Ferry Building in West Vancouver

Ferry Building West Vancouver

The Ferry Building in West Vancouver is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. During the summer months it hosts the annual Art Crawl. This event invites local artists to display their work in an outdoor gallery. The Art Crawl also features live music and food.

Jolayne Devente

Jolayne Devente is a Canadian painter who has a special connection to the west coast. Growing up in North Vancouver, she was drawn into the forest by her back door. Today, she paints acrylic impressions. Her acrylics are expressive and convey a vivid image, which reflects the way the viewer sees the landscape.

Her paintings are soft and textured, with distinct colour palettes. They express a moody coastal landscape. She uses soft-edged brushwork to bring her paintings to life. Her latest work is a tribute to her mentor, Ruth Massey. The paintings also pay homage to the artist and reflect her ever-changing moods.

A number of Jolayne Devente’s paintings are on display in the Ferry Building Gallery, located in West Vancouver. These paintings will be on view from October 6th to December 7th, 2018. In addition to the exhibition, the artist will be giving a talk about her work at the Ferry Building on Sunday, November 19th. After the talk, there will be an opening reception.

This is a great opportunity to see some of Jolayne Devente’s work, and enjoy the lively atmosphere at the Ferry Building. Visit the gallery today! If you’d like to find out more about Jolayne Devente, visit her website.

Carol Shumas

A celebration of the life of the famous Canadian artist Carol Shumas is being held in the Ferry Building on Vancouver’s West side. The occasion is in honor of the talented and prolific painter’s 50th birthday. Amongst other things, the event will honor her art and the many friends and family members who supported her throughout her storied career. Whether you were a fan of her work or not, the event is sure to be an unforgettable evening. You’ll also have the chance to see some of her favorite works up close and personal.

A trip to the Ferry Building is a must for anyone who appreciates art, culture and a great time. This landmark West Vancouver building has been around for decades and is a prime example of the region’s rich history. The museum in the building holds an impressive collection of works by artists of all mediums. In addition to the permanent collections, visitors will be able to enjoy an exhibition of works by local artists.

Lyse Lemieux Draws the Wall

If you’ve been to LeftCoast Art in May you may have seen Lyse Lemieux’s art. Her works are two-dimensional, made out of felt and ink, and are displayed on a wall at the entrance to the gallery. The most prominent work is the tower of collars, which draws the eye from the corner of the room and beckons passersby. These collars are wrapped around a column of the same multi-coloured patterned cloth. They are reminiscent of collared men and women in art.

One of the most interesting aspects of Lemieux’s works is the use of felt. In her previous exhibition at Republic Gallery, she wrapped a tall column in collars of all sizes and shapes. This time, she used scissors to cut out the felt. She said she compared cutting the material to drawing. Using this medium has allowed her to create her most innovative work to date.

In addition to Lemieux’s work, the show featured a performance by Ziyian Kwan. He improvised a dance to a composition by Stefan Smulovitz. There was also a dance piece by Vanessa Goodman in response to the tower of collars. All of these events were part of the night’s festivities, which were put together by Nan Capogna. With an audience of hundreds, the evening proved to be a highlight of the summer for many. Make sure to check out the Richmond Art Gallery, open seven days a week.

Dana Johnson

The Dana Johnson aforementioned bauble is a mere five minutes walk from the heart of downtown Vancouver, BC. It is well worth the trip. There are numerous museums, art galleries and a myriad of restaurants. As the hub of Canada‘s west end, the area has its fair share of tourist traffic, making it a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. For the cognoscenti, there is always a pleasant breeze from the ocean. One of its more prestigious neighbors is the University of British Columbia, which boasts a hefty student body, a large faculty and a bevy of well-funded grad schools and post-doctoral fellowships. If you are in the market for a new place to call home, this is the area to explore. Whether you’re looking for a slick condo, a secluded abode, or a quaint bed and breakfast, the area has something for everyone. Some of the city’s top eateries include: a.m. diner, The Crawfish, and a.m. oh.. I mean, who can resist a bacon and egg sandwich?

Lastly, the area also holds the title of Canada’s arts and entertainment capital, where you can catch a show at the Theatre Under the Stars, take in the slick new Pacific Centre for the Arts, or hit the stage at the Harbourfront Centre or the Pacific Centre for the Arts. With so many options to choose from, it is hard to pick just one.

Art Crawl

During the Arts Crawl weekend, the Arts Centre will host visual artists. The Arts Centre is a non-profit organisation in West Vancouver that offers art classes for all ages. A special Art Crawl map will help visitors find the various venues during this weekend.

This year’s Art Crawl is scheduled for October 20-22. Many local and international artists will be open to the public. You can visit galleries, businesses, and community centres during this three-day event. All events are free of charge.

There are up to 500 studios open to the public. Artists can also host scheduled public visits. If you’d like to meet an artist in person, you can visit their studios during scheduled open hours. Some of these studios include wood sculpture, ceramics, jewellery, and intricate paintings.

Located in one of West Vancouver’s oldest buildings, the Ferry Building Gallery serves as a hub for arts and culture. The gallery showcases established and emerging artists. They also hold opening receptions and artist talks.

Besides paintings, the Gallery will also exhibit a variety of other media. Some of the more popular media include mixed-media, photography, and wood sculpture. During the Arts Crawl weekend, you can attend demonstrations at the Gallery. During this weekend, you can also watch live music at the Rainbow Lounge bar.

Another gallery that will be showing work during the Arts Crawl is Doris Crowston Gallery. This is a husband and wife artistic team. Their works are characterized by abstract thought and rich color palettes. They use recycled paint to create large canvasses. These canvasses will be auctioned off for a silent auction.

Other venues that will be exhibiting during the Arts Crawl include George Connell’s paintings at Geopia Gallery and Garden, Marshall Mar at Geopia Gallery and Garden, and Pia Sillem’s pottery at Geopia Gallery.

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