Sentinel Secondary School Vs Hillside Secondary School in West Vancouver

Hillside Secondary School West Vancouver

You might have heard about the Sentinel Secondary School and the Hillside Secondary Schools in West Vancouver, but which one is better for your kids? If you’re considering sending your kids to one of the three public high schools in the city, consider Hillside Secondary School. The school has two campuses and educates students from grades eight through twelve. It also offers a variety of extracurricular activities. Hillside Secondary School is the choice of many West Vancouver parents.

Sentinel Secondary School

Sentinel Secondary School is one of three public secondary schools in the West Vancouver district. The other two are Rockridge Secondary School and West Vancouver Secondary School. Sentinel Secondary School is a high school for boys and girls in grades nine to twelve. Students may attend either school if they live in the West Vancouver district. The school is located in the Hillside neighbourhood of West Vancouver. The school has a high-quality program and is highly-rated by students and parents alike.

Students at Sentinel High School have the opportunity to participate in four sports academies, including baseball and soccer. Students can focus on their specialization in the afternoon, taking regular classes in the morning and participating in sports activities after school. Approximately 1,250 students attend Sentinel High School every year. The school has a Super Achievers program for students who excel in athletics. For students who love acrobatics and ballet, the school has an academy for that.

Music programs at Sentinel Secondary School include a concert band, a jazz band, and an orchester for all year groups. The school also offers a Rhythm and Blues Band, where students learn to play songs by popular artists. Students can also join the Super Achiever program to compete in sports at the provincial/national level. In addition to music, Sentinel Secondary School offers a variety of other activities.

Sentinel Secondary also offers AP courses. Its students may also take Pre-AP courses. In order to take AP courses, students must demonstrate strong intellectual engagement, fundamental work habits, and a high level of motivation. Students in grades eight through twelve can also take French Immersion, which is a program at Sentinel Secondary. A study abroad experience is also available at Sentinel Secondary.

Moovit is a mobile app that can help students get to Sentinel Secondary School. The app has real-time directions and maps to help you navigate the city. Moovit even lets you see the closest bus stops to Sentinel Secondary School. With the app, you can plan your route in advance, get directions, and find the shortest path to your destination. It’s a great way to get to school and make your commute easier.

Sentinel Secondary School is a public school located in West Vancouver, British Columbia. It is one of the city’s three public high schools. The school has athletic fields, three ice hockey fields, tennis courts, and Fussball and Rugby fields. The school was first established in 1962/63, and its first graduation took place in 1965. Located in the Hillside neighbourhood, the school is a great place to study and play.

AP courses are also available at Sentinel High School. AP courses require a higher level of general knowledge and good study habits, and are harder than regular courses. Students are able to enroll in Pre-AP courses in their junior year before taking the full AP course offerings in the Senior School. The school has AP classes in many subjects, and students can take AP exams in grades eleven and twelve.

Hillside Secondary School

Located on the west side of West Vancouver, the five-year secondary school is the highest school in the area. Students there complete grades eight through twelve. The school has two campuses, Hillside and Westside, and is one of three public high schools in the city. Students are required to attend classes on a daily basis. The school has a diverse student body and offers a variety of programs and services. The school focuses on integrating technology into its curriculum to support students.

The Mike Smith Memorial was established in his honour in 2020. Mike was a dedicated teacher at Hillside Secondary School for 40 years. He served as the Vice-Principal, PE Department Head, and Geography teacher. He had a passion for lively discussions, and his energy helped establish Hillside Secondary School’s stellar reputation in British Columbia. In fact, he never missed a chance to go above and beyond for students.

The Sentinel Secondary School is a 45-year-old public school. It is home to two baseball diamonds, three street hockey fields, and three tennis courts. The field is used for all types of sports, and students can play tennis or street hockey on it. The school also offers the Advanced Placement Program (AP) and Pre-AP courses. The school has been the 4th school in West Vancouver for many years.

West Vancouver Secondary School

The Hillside Secondary School in West Vancouver is a five-year secondary school that educates students in grades eight through twelve. It is one of three public high schools in the area. The school has two campuses and serves students from all over the city. It is located on Hillside Boulevard. The school has a student population of more than 1,000 students. The school is located in a quiet, residential neighborhood. It is accessible by bus and carpooling is encouraged.

The school’s students, faculty, and staff are proud to pay tribute to the dedicated educators at Hillside Secondary School. The school’s Mike Smith memorial was established in his memory in 2020. During his 40 years of teaching in the West Vancouver school, Mike Smith held a number of roles including the head of the PE Department and a Vice-Principal. His enthusiasm were instrumental in helping the school gain its reputation as one of the best in the province.

The Sentinel Secondary School is an older, 45-year-old school in West Vancouver. The school has a grass field, two baseball diamonds, three street hockey courts, and a tennis court. The field is used for all types of athletics. The school also offers Pre-AP and Advanced Placement courses. For many years, Sentinel Secondary School was the fourth school in West Vancouver. If you’re looking for a good school to send your child to, Sentinel Secondary School is a great option.

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