Sentinel School West Vancouver

Sentinel School West Vancouver

Sentinel School West Vancouver is a secondary school that educates students in grades 8 through 12. It is located in West Vancouver and is part of the District of West Vancouver.

The school offers the French Immersion Program, the Hockey Academy, the Soccer Academy and Super Achievers. It also offers Advanced Placement courses for senior students.

French Immersion Program

French immersion is a program that allows students to learn both English and French. Typically, the program starts at kindergarten level and goes through Grade 6 before graduating in Grade 12.

The French Immersion Program offered by Sentinel School West Vancouver is an excellent choice for parents who want their children to develop strong language skills and get a good education. The program offers an array of benefits, including bilingual instruction and advanced placement courses.

When choosing a high school for your child, it is important to consider factors such as the school’s AP courses and the school’s sports programs. The Sentinel School West Vancouver is one of three public schools in the area that offer a variety of AP courses, which prepare students for university-level study.

Sentinel School West Vancouver is also known for its excellent theatre program. The school is home to the Sentinel Stage, which is considered one of the best school theatre programmes on the North Shore.

Many students choose to participate in the school’s sports programme, which is a great way to stay active while getting a well-rounded education. The school offers cross-country skiing, girls’ field hockey, junior boys’ soccer and senior boys’ soccer.

The French Immersion Program at Sentinel School West Vancouver is a great choice for parents who are looking for a challenging and diverse educational environment. The program is unique in that it combines French and English lessons with a focus on technology.

This program has been very popular in West Vancouver, with more than 1,000 students registered this year. The two French immersion elementary schools – Ecole Cedardale and Ecole Pauline Johnson – are operating at full capacity and the high school, Sentinel Secondary, is seeing an increasing number of students enrolling in the program.

Hockey Academy

Sentinel School West Vancouver offers a number of specialized programs that are not available at other local high schools. These include the Hockey Academy and Super Achievers Program.

The Hockey Academy provides students with the opportunity to excel in an academic and sport program. It emphasizes fair play and sportsmanship and encourages lifelong participation in sport, especially field hockey.

Several students have earned a Division I scholarship and several graduates have gone on to professional hockey careers. Some of the notable alumni include North Vancouver’s Connor Bedard, who is set to make his WHL debut this month with the Regina Pats.

Some parents at a Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meeting were concerned about a plan to move the Hockey Academy from Sentinel to Seycove secondary school in Deep Cove. They questioned if the move would make the school more difficult for students, especially those from lower-income backgrounds.

A parent told me she was worried the 76 elite, teenaged-male athletes in the program would create behaviour issues. She also said she had heard from teachers who were concerned about pressure to adjust their students’ marks to accommodate hockey players’ game schedules.

At the same time, parents are upset about the cost of the program–which costs about $22,000 a year. They are also unsure of how long the contract with the Spartan Sport Group Inc., the private organization that runs the hockey part of the program, will last.

The idea of a hockey academy, a 76-member, elite-level boys’ hockey team, running in partnership with a public school is a troubling one. It is not fair to kids from low-income families to have to pay so much for the privilege of playing a sport that their parents cannot afford.

Soccer Academy

The Soccer Academy at Sentinel School West Vancouver is run by a head coach who has over 20 years of experience coaching in high performance programs. He has coached both boys and girls in various leagues including the Premier Division, Pacific Coast League, BC Soccer Premier League, Y-League and CIS (USports).

The program is geared to students in grades 9 to 12 who live within the catchment area and attend Sentinel Secondary School. It offers an advanced learning environment that provides a challenging curriculum with a strong emphasis on academic excellence.

A well rounded education is offered with a focus on international education. In addition to the BC curriculum, there are many options for electives including visual arts, dance, choir, orchestra and digital media.

For those interested in sports at a higher level, the school offers the Super Achievers Programme. It is a unique programme that allows students to participate in sports at a Provincial or National level while still being able to attend classroom studies.

There are four sports academies at Sentinel: the Hockey Academy, the Soccer Academy, the Baseball Academy and the Tennis Academy. All academies integrate sport based training into the courseload, with two blocks of time spent on their chosen sport per week.

In addition to sports, students also have an opportunity to join the renowned Music Programme at Sentinel. There is a regular Stage/Jazz Band for students in grade 10-11, a classical orchestra which encompasses all grades and a special Rhythm and Blues band that is reserved for those in grades 11-12 by audition.

In order to make the most out of your student’s education, you may want to consider sending them to a private school that provides a rich and diverse educational experience. There are a number of schools that offer the International Baccalaureate programme in addition to the BC curriculum.

Super Achievers Program

Sentinel School West Vancouver is a private high school located on the western side of the city of Vancouver. It offers a variety of courses and athletic opportunities. The school also features a number of clubs and after-school activities.

Sentinel has a large arts program that includes music and drama classes. Students can also participate in dance and acrobatics clubs. It also has a Silk Purse Studio that teaches art and watercolor painting.

The Super Achievers Program is a non-credit, timetabling option for provincially and nationally ranked athletes or high-calibre performing artists who are serious about their education and training. This program is designed to help them balance their rigorous academic schedules with their long hours of training and competitions.

While it does not offer specific course credits, students enrolled in the program are eligible to receive external course credit if they have training or competitions at levels outlined by the Ministry of Education. These credits are granted once the student submits the necessary documentation.

It’s worth noting that the Super Achievers Program is different than the Peak Performance Program, which is a timetabling option for students who are completing training and competition at an elite level. These programs are designed for students who have very rigorous academic schedules, along with long hours of training and competitions that greatly impact their ability to manage their coursework and continue to train and compete at an elite level.

The Super Achievers Program is a great way to supplement the Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum offered at Sentinel. AP courses are considered to be more rigorous than regular offerings, and require students to have a strong understanding of general knowledge and excellent work habits.

Advanced Placement Program

The Advanced Placement Program offered by Sentinel School West Vancouver is one of the best in the region. This program allows students to earn university-level credits by taking AP courses. These courses are more rigorous than the regular offerings, but they can be beneficial for students who want to improve their chances of getting into a good university.

Several colleges recognize AP course achievement by offering scholarships and other benefits. For example, a student can receive a Scholar Award by earning a grade of four or better on five or more AP exams. The award certificate is acknowledged on the student’s college grade report and is a great way to boost their application to a prestigious institution.

Some of the AP courses that Sentinel offers include English, mathematics, history, and sciences. These courses require students to complete research-based essays and team projects. In addition, there is a Capstone program that gives students the chance to research and present on a topic of their choice.

The AP Program also offers courses in art, music, and history. These classes require research-based essays and presentations. There are also pre-AP courses that prepare students for the full AP offerings in their Senior School years.

Aaron Henkelman has taught AP courses at Sentinel for the past decade. He has a master’s degree in secondary English education and post-graduate credentials in teacher-librarian studies.

Mahasti Mofazali has been teaching French at Collingwood School in West Vancouver for 21 years. She is a French literature consultant for the College Board and serves as an exam reader. She has a passion for French cuisine, art, and foreign cinema.

Collingwood is one of the top-ranked schools in West Vancouver and is part of the Round Square network of schools, which challenges students to serve their community and world through service challenge, adventure, and international understanding. They also have a strong athletics program that has won eight AA rugby, one AA soccer, and one AA basketball provincial titles.

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