Sentinel School West Vancouver

Sentinel School West Vancouver

Sentinel School is a private, accredited school in West Vancouver, BC, located on the West Side of the city. With a focus on the arts, it offers a variety of courses including AP courses. The school also features a Dramatic Arts program, which gives students the chance to take on various roles in theatre.

AP courses offered

Sentinel School West Vancouver offers a range of AP courses for students. These include English Literature, Calculus, French, and chemistry. The school also offers a number of athletic programs. Students can participate in cross-country skiing, volleyball, and junior boys’ soccer.

In addition, Sentinel High School has a Pursuit Program, which allows students to concentrate on their areas of interest in the afternoon. Previously known as Super Achievers, the program is unique in the West Vancouver School District.

Taking AP courses at Sentinel is a great way for high school students to gain valuable credits toward their university education. However, there are some restrictions to what a student can take.

In order to qualify for an AP course, a student must be in Grade 10 or 12. There are several different courses available, and each is designed to challenge the student’s intellectual ability.

Students must have a solid general knowledge of a subject, as well as excellent work habits. When the student writes an AP exam, he or she is required to show mastery of the material. If the student fails the AP exam, he or she will not receive credit for the course. This can affect the student’s grades when applying to universities.

AP courses are regarded as the most rigorous of all offerings. However, with good work habits, the student can earn credit for the course.

Sentinel has one of the best AP programs in the province. Its Capstone program requires students to research a topic and complete a presentation.

Sentinel Secondary is home to a digital lab, where students can access computers and video equipment. The school also has a baseball diamond and street hockey courts. There are also a variety of after-school activities.

Sentinel’s AP courses can help high school students earn the credits they need to earn their diploma. They provide guidelines for essay writing and citations.

The school is a member of the Round Square Network, which promotes academic excellence and personal development. Students who achieve college-level academic achievements are awarded a Scholar Award. The award is acknowledged on the student’s grade report.

Dramatic arts program

Sentinel School West Vancouver has an excellent Dramatic Arts Program. This program is one of the best on the North Shore. It is a great opportunity to discover your voice.

This is a program that allows students to explore their passions in music, dance, drama and visual arts. They are able to focus on their area of specialization in the afternoon.

In addition to this, Sentinel School has a stage/jazz band for grades 10-11 and a Rhythm and Blues band for grades 11-12. They perform at school events and outside of the school.

Another program, called the Pursuit Programme, offers students benefits if they participate in certain activities. Students can learn acrobatics, rock climbing and ballet.

The school also has three street hockey courts. It hosts some Advanced Placement (AP) courses. There are also several French immersion classes.

As part of the Dramatic Arts program, students are able to participate in a special arts festival, DramaFest. The festival provides a platform for young people to discover their voices and exercise empathy and trust.

Another program, the AP Program, is a challenging challenge for students with high academic performance. Students who take AP courses must write related AP exams. If they fail, they will not get AP credits.

As part of the theatre program, students are currently performing Seussical the Musical. The play features reimagined characters of Dr. Seuss.

The Arts Connection Program was created by Linda Shirley in 2012. This program connects elementary schools in the downtown Eastside of Vancouver to Richmond schools. A number of corporate donors, Porte Communities, and the City of Richmond help fund this program.

Students at the school have also been participating in a special fundraising event. This fundraiser evolved into more than a fundraiser. The funds raised were used to supply supplies for the program.

Sentinel School West Vancouver has many opportunities for students to learn about the community and make a difference. Their students are also learning about friendship.

Sentinel Hill, located in West Vancouver, is a perfect location to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Capilano River and the mountains.

Theatre program

The Theatre program at Sentinel School West Vancouver is among the best in the region. They have a plethora of options ranging from the regular stage/jazz band for grades 10-11 to a 60s and 70s R&B band for the more adventurous.

Aside from the theatre program, Sentinel School has a classical orchestra for all grades. It also has a Silk Purse Studio that teaches art and watercolor painting.

They also have a variety of clubs and after school activities. This includes a dance club and an acrobatics club. There is also a Pursuit Program that enables students to take regular classes in the morning and focus on their specialized subjects in the afternoon.

The Sentinel School has a grass field and three street hockey courts. In addition to these facilities, there is a large student population that comes from across the world.

Aside from the aforementioned, the Rhythm and Blues band plays at external events. They have a YouTube page that showcases their performances.

Other notable programs at Sentinel School include AP courses in many subjects. However, not all of these programs are available at all levels. For example, some AP courses require strong general knowledge and excellent work habits. Those who fail to write the AP exam will not get credit for the course.

The Sentinel Stage is also worthy of a mention. They have a program that has been in existence since 1988. As one of the best schools for the stage in the North Shore, they continue to make waves.

The Sentinel School also has a tie-in with the Hnatyshyn Foundation that provides a grant for young dancers to attend a dance training program at School Toronto. One of their own, Megan Nadain, has earned a three-year professional training program and attended the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, DC.

Among the many things to do in West Vancouver, the Museum is the most popular and most visited. They have two buildings that house a collection of art and historical displays. Their exhibits include the Eye of Mountain Bear, Big Chairs, and German Friendship Globe.

AP restrictions

Sentinel Secondary School in West Vancouver is a secondary school that hosts some AP courses. Students can choose to enroll in these classes, but they are restricted from writing AP exams in other subjects. These restrictions affect the timelines of students who are enrolled in the program.

The AP Program is a cooperative educational effort between high schools and colleges, where students can demonstrate their mastery of advanced material. Students who pass AP exams are awarded AP credit. This credit can help them get into college. However, if they fail to pass, they will not receive AP credits. To take AP courses, students must have a strong general knowledge, excellent work habits, and a powerful intellectual commitment.

Students enrolled in the AP Capstone Diploma, which is a university-level AP course, will need to take a seminar and research course. In addition, students will have to submit a research-based essay. Despite the requirements, the AP Capstone Diploma is being piloted in only a few Canadian schools.

Currently, students cannot write the AP Physics 1 exam at Sentinel. They must take the AP Physics 2 exam in their second year. If they do not take the AP Physics 2 exam, they can not receive an AP credit.

Students can also receive a Scholar Award if they receive a grade of 4 or better on five or more AP Exams. It is acknowledged in the student’s grade reports that are sent to colleges.

One of the most unique aspects of the Pursuit Programme is that it gives students access to a variety of benefits, including free or discounted participation in sports and activities. Students can enjoy acrobatics, rock climbing, and ballet. Previously known as Super Achievers, the programme is also a good way for students to study for AP classes.

Some of the other AP courses offered at Sentinel High School include AP Seminar, AP Art, AP History, and Music Theory. Each requires research-based essays and team projects. There are also pre-AP courses to help students prepare for full AP offerings in the Senior School years.

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