New Facilities at the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre

West Vancouver Aquatic Centre

If you are in the neighbourhood of the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre, you should know the benefits that it can offer. The centre boasts a 60-metre waterslide, 10 bubble and spray water features, and no masks are required. The building’s designers also made the facility wheelchair accessible. Guests are encouraged to bring their dogs. During the summer, there is a family-friendly program for children and a children’s area.

25-year-old aquatic centre

The new design for a 25-year-old aquatic centre in West Van includes the renovation and addition of a leisure pool, fitness centre and related support facilities. The design features a curved glulam beam and purlin structure spanning a glass wall. Overhead doors allow natural air flow while vents improve accessibility. A wooden framed structure reduces the structural weight and improves thermal performance.

The new aquatic facility in West Van offers a refreshing outdoor-like experience through the incorporation of mechanically-operated vents, operable glazed overhead doors, and natural lighting. The renovation of this 25-year-old aquatic centre also includes family change rooms and public viewing areas. The new complex also includes a 20-metre waterslide tower that provides panoramic views of the city. The facility also features permit parking.

The 25-year-old aquatic centre in West Van has temporarily closed its doors after a flood. A section of the building broke loose near the Beach Avenue entrance and a warning tape was placed in front of the entrance. While the board of directors apologized for the inconvenience, people have been stopping by the facility to see the damage. In spite of the damage, the centre is scheduled to reopen on Wednesday.

60-metre waterslide

The new facilities at the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre are designed to mimic an outdoor pool. They include natural lighting, operable overhead doors, and mechanical vents. The complex features a leisure pool, accessible hot tub, family change rooms, and fitness and viewing areas. A 20-metre waterslide tower offers panoramic views of the Coastal Mountains. The water park also has concessions and a tot area.

The new facilities include a 25-metre lap pool with eight lanes, a one-metre diving board, and accessible ramps. The centre will also feature a new competitive diving pool with stainless-steel ladders. And a 40-metre waterslide will be a feature of the new complex. If you’re looking to get wet, the aquatic centre offers classes and public swims, as well as a swim school.

The expansion of the aquatic center is part of the district’s overall plan to increase the facility’s capacity. The current water park budget is $1.9 million, which is well below the recommended operating budget of $700,000 to $2.0 million. The HCMA hired Advicas Consultant Group Ltd., an engineering firm that has experience in water park construction, to produce a report that identifies the potential impacts of the water slide on operating costs, revenue projections, and other factors. The report also outlines the costs involved, including the slide, the foundation, and the entry.

10 spray and bubble water features

The West Vancouver Aquatic Centre features a lap pool, a leisure pool, a 60-metre waterslide, and 10 spray and bubble water attractions. The centre also has a diving tank and an adult and family hot tub. Moreover, the building’s design is environmentally friendly, with its wood construction. It offers thermal and acoustic benefits while absorbing water vapour and promoting indoor air quality without compromising its structural integrity.

Guests can enjoy the indoor and outdoor pools at the Aquatic Centre. The outdoor pool is the highlight of the building, with natural lighting and operable glazed overhead doors and mechanically operated vents. The building also includes a tot area, a family change room, and a public viewing area. A 20-metre water slide tower offers spectacular views of Vancouver. The indoor and outdoor pools are separate but connected by a glass atrium.

The West Vancouver Aquatic Centre has 10 spray and bubbly water features for the little ones. Its water park also has a lazy river and a children’s area. Other features include a rope swing and a wave pool with a giant seahorse. There are also concessions available for a meal or drink. This park is ideal for families with young children and offers concessions and a skating rink.

Masks no longer required

Masks are no longer required at the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre (WCAC) beginning September 7. This new policy is in place after health officials re-introduced the mandate for public indoor spaces. Visitors who do not participate in physical activity will not be required to wear masks, as long as they have a medical exemption to wear them. In addition, the aquatic centre’s change rooms will be re-opened on September 7, a few weeks after the province kicks off its first phase of the BC Vaccine Card.

With its open-air feel, the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre offers a truly unique aquatic experience. With natural lighting, operable glazed overhead doors, and mechanical vents, the water in this facility resembles that of a natural outdoor pool. The centre includes a hot, accessible therapeutic pool and leisure pool, as well as a fitness centre, public viewing areas, and family change rooms. The centre also has a 20-metre waterslide tower with views of the Vancouver skyline.

In addition to the changes to the aquatic centre, the city’s parks are reopening their swimming pools. Hillcrest, Dunbar, Mount Pleasant, and West End pools will all re-open on Sept. 14. Public skating will start at these venues later this fall. The Vancouver Park Board announced the reopening schedule on Sept. 21. Until then, swimwear and masks are still required.

Accessibility enhancements

The West Vancouver Aquatic Centre has been recognized for its accessibility enhancements by international organizations such as the International Paralympic Committee. The new facilities include a zero-depth entry leisure pool, accessible washrooms, a weight room, an adjustable-height change table, and ceiling-track lifts in the change room. The facility is also equipped with water wheelchairs and a mobility cart for users with limited mobility.

The new facility was designed with an integrated accessibility strategy, and is not subject to generic accessibility codes. It contains recreation, arts, social services, and a full-service health centre. The design unifies a dispersed collection of community facilities into a unified, seamless space. It is the social and civic heart of the West Vancouver community. By providing more accessible and user-friendly features, the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre will improve the lives of its community members and attract new members.

The renovated aquatic centre features a 37-metre lap pool, a leisure pool with accessible hot water, a rehabilitation therapy space, and a tot area. In addition to the pools, the new facility also offers a waterslide tower with views of the Coastal Mountains. In addition, the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre also has a large fitness room and a tot area. The centre is also accessible for the elderly and people with physical disabilities.


The District of West Vancouver has released information about two people who tested positive for COVID-19 at the West Van Aquatic Centre this week. These individuals visited the aquatic centre on Sept. 9 and are being followed up by Vancouver Coastal Health. The health centre uses health protocols to keep its facilities sanitary and safe for swimmers and other visitors. Adults are required to have a vaccine passport before participating in fitness and sports programs, but not in the pool or sauna.

The Aquatic Centre has one of the best swimming pools on the North Shore. The indoor pool is linked to the nearby West Vancouver Community Centre through an atrium. The facility features an ozone-treated 60-metre waterslide, a lazy river, a toddler’s play area, a diving tank, a sauna, a steam room, and a giant kids’ pool. The Aquatic Centre also offers a health and conditioning centre spanning seven thousand square feet.


The community wellness and recreation centre at the west end of the city has three main features. The West Vancouver Aquatic Centre offers a full range of activities and services for the whole family. Whether you’re looking for an evening out with friends or a full day of exercise, there’s something for everyone at the Aquatic Centre. In addition to its recreational and arts programs, the centre also provides full-service health care for the entire community.

The change rooms and hot tubs are now open, as are the sauna and steam room. Most programs are open to the public, but pre-registration is required. Public swimming and ice skating are only open to registered participants. Activities are priced at $10 per person and last about an hour. If you are unsure of the exact hours, visit the Aquatic Centre website. It will let you know when the facility will open for the day.

Aside from its indoor and outdoor pools, the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre has a fitness centre and a hot tub for adults and children. It also has a water curtain and a 60-metre waterslide. There are also family change rooms, fitness areas, and public viewing areas. A 20-metre waterslide tower is another highlight of the aquatic centre. The water slide tower provides breathtaking views of Vancouver and the surrounding area.

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