Thus, the law in New Jersey today is that a Seller has an affirmative duty to disclose latent defects. Silence is fraud by omission when the Seller knows of a material defect but fails to disclose it. …

While an effectuated DOCA extinguishes all claims that existed at the time when a company was placed into administration, the law is not yet settled on whether this is also the case for latent defects …

Added at the end of this is: "information concerning latent material defects is not considered confidential … My advice to sellers and agents: transparency is paramount. Disclose defects even if you …

By Madeleine Truter. Many disputes have arisen from the fact that purchasers and sellers of property do not understand what the voetstoots clause means. The term voetstoots is a Dutch word, and is a principle found in the South African common law. It literally means sold ‘with a shove of the foot’.

Legal Basement Suite Calgary Sep 28, 2015  · CALGARY – The City of Calgary has made it simple for residents to figure out if secondary suites in their community are legal or not. Legal, Illegal and Non-Conforming Suites. As a Realtor I am often asked about "legal and illegal suites" Hence the following information is supplied to assist home buyers,

Hidden defect in material and/or workmanship of an item which may cause failure or malfunction, but is not discoverable through general inspection.Also called hidden defect. See also patent defect.

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“If a property has been used for activities such as a marijuana grow-op and the property has not been properly restored, a material latent defect may exist in the form of toxic hazards that cannot be …

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Alberta Foreclosure Process Important Information for Real Estate Foreclosures. The following is a summary of information and requirements that applies to those regarding the purchase of a bank foreclosed property in Canada. If you are a person looking to purchase a foreclosed home, also know as a foreclosure, this applies to you. This includes those who are a

Defect in material and/or workmanship that may cause failure or malfunction of an item, and is discoverable upon its inspection.See also latent defect.

A Little Understood Term Results in Boat Owners Not Taking Advantage of Insurance Coverage – Most yacht policies have a latent defect clause which provides specific coverage for latent defects, while others specifically exclude latent defects from coverage. The term latent defect in maritime use is widely misunderstood, for it is not the same thing as with common law usage.

The other type of defect is a latent defect, which is not easily picked up by a superficial inspection. examples of latent defects include a leaking roof or faulty geyser. common law states that the s…

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Rent Grace Period Ontario And I am pleased to report that our first quarter rent revenue in Canada was up 11% with rates positive year-over-year and signs of a continued macro improvement. Ontario and Quebec … a percentage p… Alberta Foreclosure Process Important Information for Real Estate Foreclosures. The following is a summary of information and requirements that applies

What is LATENT DEFECT? What does LATENT DEFECT mean? LATENT DEFECT meaning, definition & explanationIn the law of the sale of property (both real estate and personal property or chattels) a latent defect is a fault in the property that could not have been discovered by a reasonably thorough inspection before the sale.. The general law of the sale of property is caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) and buyers are under a general duty to inspect their purchase before taking possession.

Sellers won’t be able to avoid disclosing dangerous latent defects they know about. Real estate licensees also have a duty to disclose material property defects of which they have knowledge.

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