Looking For a Homestay in West Vancouver?

If you are looking for a homestay in West Vancouver, you have come to the right place. This city offers many features for visitors, including ski and snowboarding slopes located nearby, museums and shopping, public parks and athletic fields, schools and tennis courts, and the sea wall. Public transportation is also convenient, making West Vancouver a great place to stay while you explore this beautiful city. The Classic Canadian Homestay is a popular option for students and works closely with many schools in the District 45 area.

MLI Homestay

Students who choose to participate in an MLI Homestay in West Vancouver must be at least 12 years old. This age requirement is the same as that in Canada. Anyone under the age of 12 must live with a parent while they study in Canada. Once accepted into the program, the student will be enrolled in the school. After enrolling in the school, students must complete the program requirements. MLI Homestay’s host families are screened and all students are given a comprehensive health and safety check before they are placed with a homestay.

International students can benefit from MLI’s homestay program in several ways. They are welcomed into a family environment, provided they are open and welcoming to foreign students. They are also not expected to act as tour guides. Nora Iliakis, a mother of two and an MLI Homestay coordinator, is preparing to welcome an international student to her family this school year. She is preparing to welcome a Grade 11 German student into her home.

Host families

Looking for host families in West Vancouver? Apply with an international education program. Once accepted, you will be matched with a student. To do so, complete a profile about the student. You will also need to provide the Homestay Coordinator with some basic contact information, including a phone number and an email address. You can also email the coordinator if you have any questions or concerns. This coordinator will help you resolve any problems that may arise during your stay.

The number of international students studying in Canadian schools dropped dramatically last year, but it has since begun to increase again. Michael Frankowski, the director of the International Student Program at the West Vancouver School District, says most students come to Canada between Grade 10 and 12. There are still some countries, however, that do not allow their students to study here. That means that there is a growing need for host families in West Vancouver. There are dozens of host families who welcome international students to the area.

Many students stay with their host families for years. The families and students keep in touch through email and social media, and some even visit the student’s country of origin! A homestay can make all the difference to your study abroad experience! And because your homestay family is a part of the community, you can be sure that your experience with them will be a rewarding one. You will be welcomed into the fold of your new family with open arms!

Students participating in the Homestay program range in age from 10 to 18 years old. The majority of these students are high school students. During their stay, the student is expected to participate in the family life, including cooking and house chores. It is essential to provide the student with a variety of safe and comfortable accommodations. A host family should provide information about public transportation. It is also important to ensure that the student understands how to get around town.


Students at West Vancouver School pay $1100 per month for their stay with a host family, while international students pay $16000 for a full year of study. Other fees include medical insurance, registration fees, and application fees. In addition to the fees for school, students pay $55 per night in August for the privilege of staying with a host family. However, fees for other programs vary. During the summer months, students can expect to pay less than that.

The West Vancouver School Board is welcoming of students from other countries. The homestay program is a great option for international students looking to live in Vancouver. Families may be heterosexual, single, or a mix of both. Despite the diversity of the program, it welcomes students of any race, gender, sexual identity, or even pets. Moreover, the program also values diversity and is open to all nationalities.

Many students remain in touch with their host families long after their stay. Some even return to their home countries to see the friends they made in Canada. This program allows international students to get a feel for life in Vancouver and the North Shore. Those on the North Shore will feel like a part of the community and appreciate the kind of support and care provided by their host families. If you’re interested in hosting an international student in Vancouver, apply online today! You’ll be glad you did.

Students are encouraged to make their arrangements well in advance and negotiate with the homestay family. Homestay fees are listed in Canadian dollars and can be calculated by using a grid. Students moving into a homestay for the final month of an academic year must pay a monthly fee, which is non-refundable. In addition, students are expected to take their own belongings with them when leaving a homestay. For a more detailed overview, visit the website of the International Programs department.


The procedures for the West Vancouver homestay program are similar to those for a traditional school stay. In general, a student staying with a host family is provided with three meals a day. Students may also receive a packed lunch on school days. The host family may provide the student with a personal room, or the student may share a room with another ELI student. For transportation, students are typically driven to UBC using local transit buses.

Students will live in private bedrooms and a common bathroom, but may share facilities. The homestay agreement will spell out the financial arrangements and terms and conditions for the student and host family. Students are not expected to buy anything for their stay, but can use the family’s toiletries. Students can ask the family about any special requests and requirements they have. Once a student is settling in, they should consider the following procedures.

Students arriving before the start date of the homestay program will need to find their own accommodation. Until the homestay period, they will need to stay in hotel rooms or rent a place to stay until their homestay begins. The West Vancouver Homestay Program welcomes students from other countries and cultures. The homestay program accepts students of all races, genders, and sexual identities. It is also open to pets. Once a student is accepted, they must complete a homestay orientation before they arrive.

Parents should also ensure that their students’ general well-being is maintained. They should contact their local doctor if they are concerned, and share their concerns with their host family and/or their parents. Parents should also be sure to have an insurance policy for their student while residing in their home. Unfortunately, some policies don’t cover homestay students. Furthermore, homestay parents should ensure that they use the language they wish their students to speak when communicating with family and friends.


If you are planning a trip to Vancouver, Canada, consider staying in one of the many homestays in West Van. These accommodations are conveniently located in the city center and offer a variety of amenities and services. The rooms include private bathrooms, high-speed internet, and a washer/dryer. The motel has free parking in its yard. Guests can enjoy the area’s many outdoor activities while they are staying at this accommodation.

You can find reviews of the homestays in West Vancouver on various travel websites. You can also contact the International Programs department and ask about their services and qualifications. You can also communicate with the coordinator on Whats App. She will be able to help you find a host family to accommodate you and your family while staying in Vancouver. It may take some time to find a family, but the homestay will be well worth the wait.

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