Irwin Park Elementary School West Vancouver Renovated

Irwin Park Elementary School West Vancouver

The Irwin Park Elementary School is located on 2455 Haywood Street, adjacent to Irwin Park. The park was donated to the community in 1911 and is home to one of West Vancouver‘s oldest public sports fields. The school was built in 1955 and designed by Polson and Siddall architects. The building is a four-room structure that incorporates transluscent glass to reduce glare. Eileen Barber served as the first principal.

Irwin Park Elementary School

Irwin Park Elementary School is located at 2455 Haywood Street in West Vancouver. It is an elementary school with a public park adjacent to the building. The park was donated to the city in 1911 and features the oldest public sports fields in the area. The school building was completed in 1955. It is a four-room structure designed by architects Polson and Siddall. It features low-cost transluscent glass on the south side to cut down on glare. The school has a modest enrollment of 417 students in all grade levels.

The school has recently undergone renovations. The school has also been able to expand its building to better serve the community. Despite these changes, the school has remained a staple of the West Vancouver community. It is also a popular choice for students because of the small class sizes and convenient location.

Enrolment capacity

Irwin Park Elementary School is one of the best Standard School establishments in West Vancouver and British Columbia, boasting of its impressive exam results and long list of satisfied parents. The school currently has a maximum enrollment capacity of 417 students for all grades. The school has been in operation for several decades and is a good choice for families in the area. Enrolment statistics indicate a steady growth.

Construction management

The renovation work at Irwin Park Elementary School West Vancouver aims to update the school’s exterior and improve its mechanical system. The project was made possible with the School Enhancement Fund (SEF) program from the Ministry of Education. The project scope includes mechanical upgrades, replacement of doors, windows, insulation and cladding.

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Renovations to the building

Renovations to Irwin Park Elementary School have been complete, and the school is now open again to students and community members. The renovation project has improved the school’s mechanical systems and increased its square footage by more than 30 per cent. The school has been open for nearly five decades, and the latest renovations aim to make the building more functional and safe for students.

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