Hiking the Peak West Vancouver Trail

The Peak West Vancouver

West Vancouver has become a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, especially when it comes to hiking the beautiful North Shore Trail. The trail winds around the mountain ridges and through lush forest, with several peaks to explore. These peaks include Hollyburn Peak, Mount Elsay, Mount Strachan, and Mount Seymour. Whether you are looking for a day hike or an overnight trek, you will find the trail to be a rewarding experience.

Mount Strachan

Mount Strachan is one of the North Shore mountains that makes for a good day trip from Vancouver. Its north and south summits offer excellent views of the surrounding Sea to Sky mountains. The south peak offers great views of Howe Sound. There is also a historical airplane crash site at the summit.

In 1963 a Royal Canadian Navy T-33 jet crashed on Mount Strachan in West Vancouver. As a result, the Mount Strachan hike is a good way to learn more about the plane crash.

It is worth noting that the Mount Strachan Trail is one of the easiest ways to reach the summit. However, the route is not without its challenges. Mostly, the trail is unmarked and difficult to find, making it tricky to avoid accidents.

A looped hike around Mount Strachan takes you through an area with significant avalanche terrain. During the winter months, the Mount Strachan Trail is cloaked in snow. You’ll need to be extra vigilant, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area.

On the other hand, the Mount Strachan Trail is well worth your time. Not only does it give you a vantage point over the aforementioned crash site, but it’s an easy way to get to the south and north peaks of Mount Strachan.

The Mount Strachan Trail starts right by the Sky Chair chairlift. You’ll want to keep a close eye out for a trail sign. This is a blue single track trail. After the first two bridges, you’ll enter a deep forest. It’s also a very steep climb.

When you reach the bottom, it’s time to make the trip up to the top. You’ll be rewarded with views of the Sea to Sky Mountains and the backcountry.

Mount Elsay

Mount Elsay is a small peak in Vancouver’s backcountry. This peak is actually part of a larger group of peaks called the Fannin Range. The peak has a number of interesting features, including the Mount Elsay Trail.

Located in Mount Seymour Provincial Park, this trail takes hikers into the park’s backcountry and provides a glimpse of Mount Seymour and the Indian Arm.

There are several hiking trails in the area, including the Mount Seymour and Elsay Lake Trails, and the Elsay Creek Trail. A more challenging trail is the Mount Elsay Trail. It takes hikers into the backcountry, which may involve scree or boulder gullies.

Although not a well known trail, the Mount Elsay Trail has some interesting features. One of the most notable is the large boulder field. Depending on the weather, early season hikers may experience flooded ground.

The Mount Elsay trail is marked with a metal sign and flagging tape. Hikers should take special care. In particular, the trail has exposed scree crossings and a massive boulder field.

The Mount Elsay trail is also very steep. As such, it is difficult to navigate. During the winter months, the trail will close to hiking traffic, so consider this before attempting this trail.

The Mount Elsay Trail is an underrated day hike. It is a difficult climb, with one section spanning over a mile. However, the scenery is quite lovely.

To reach the Mount Elsay Trail, drive toward the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge on the Trans Canada Highway. Once you have passed the bridge, continue on BC-1 West, which will bring you to the trailhead.

After parking at the trailhead, you should be able to see Mount Seymour and the Elsay Lake. From there, the Mount Elsay Trail leads to the peak.

Mount Seymour

Mount Seymour is a beautiful mountain on the North Shore. It’s easy to get to and provides excellent views of Vancouver. You can find several hiking trails around the mountain. There are also plenty of activities to enjoy, including wildlife viewing, picnicking, and skiing.

If you’re new to hiking, Mount Seymour is a perfect place to start. The trail is easy and well marked. Once you get to the top, you can enjoy panoramic views of the city, Lions Gate Bridge, and Stanley Park.

This is a moderate hike, but it can be challenging at times. Be prepared to carry plenty of water and other supplies. Also be sure to fill out a trip plan.

As with any mountain, Mount Seymour can change in a moment, so be prepared. For example, the trail can be covered in snow or have steep, technical sections. During winter, the trails are often a little dangerous.

If you’re going to be hiking during the winter, it’s a good idea to check the weather before you leave. There are several weather stations at the base of the mountain. They will give you the latest snow report.

On weekends, Mount Seymour can be a bit crowded. It’s an ideal day trip from Vancouver, but is best taken during the weekdays.

There are several runs at Mount Seymour, including a high-speed quad. The slopes are relatively wide, making it a great place for beginners and intermediate skiers. In addition, Mount Seymour offers night skiing every night during the main season.

In addition to its skiing, Mount Seymour is a popular destination for hikers. The trails are a mix of wide open slopes and dense sub-alpine forests.

Hollyburn Peak

Hollyburn Peak is a short hike but still offers a view of Vancouver and the Gulf Islands. It is not a great option for the summer, but for the snow-loving winter warriors it’s a great way to spend a couple of hours.

The trail to Hollyburn Mountain is well marked and dog-friendly. A few steep sections may make it a challenge for less experienced hikers, but the views of West Vancouver are worth the effort.

Hollyburn Mountain is part of Cypress Provincial Park. Hikers can choose from several different routes to reach the top.

There are many things to see on Hollyburn Mountain. You can hike the trail, take in the sights, or enjoy the scenery by boat. In addition, you can check out the Grouse Grind Cafe for a bite to eat.

The Hollyburn Peak Trail is one of the most popular hikes in Vancouver. There is also a Nordic ski area in the park. But the best part about the hike is that it is free to access.

A trail pass is not required to access the Hollyburn Peak, but you should be prepared for the odd ice or snowfall. While it’s not difficult to find parking at the base of the trail, overflow parking is available further along the road.

The Hollyburn Peak trail is also the easiest one to follow. It is fairly easy to navigate and does not require the use of a GPS. To be on the safe side, it is a good idea to wear microspikes.

The Hollyburn Peak Trail is a fun and challenging hike, but it is not a walk in the park. Especially during the summer, when the trail is not as well maintained.

North Shore Trail

The Peak West Vancouver North Shore Trail offers a secluded vantage point for viewing the Lions, Goat, Crown, and Howe Sound mountains. This hiking trail begins at the col between the north and south peaks. It climbs steeply until it reaches the top.

This route provides 360-degree panoramic views. For those seeking a challenging hike, this North Vancouver trail is ideal. Hikers can also take in views of Burrard Inlet, Mystery Lake, and Goldie Lake.

If you are looking for a shorter hike, Dog Mountain is a good choice. The trail takes less than an hour and is relatively easy to hike. The trail goes through dense forest and is a great place to get a view of Vancouver.

The Lower Seymour Conservation Area is an ideal spot for family hikes and other outdoor activities. This scenic spot features forested slopes, alpine meadows, and a river flood plain.

This area is very popular with snowshoers in winter. There are numerous trails in the area, and it is a good idea to start early to secure parking.

This route passes through dense forest and offers excellent views of the mountains and the Burrard Inlet. After a short climb, hikers can enjoy a picnic at a scenic overlook.

Another popular trail in this area is the Baden-Powell Trail. This is a 30-mile long hiking path that passes through Cypress Provincial Park and Mount Seymour Provincial Park. Aside from the gorgeous scenery, the trail is also a great workout.

Another option for hiking in the North Vancouver region is the Capilano Pacific Trail. This route follows the Capilano River through the mountains. You’ll see waterfalls, creeks, and rocky outcrops.

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