District Of West Vancouver Maps

District Of West Vancouver Maps

The District Of West Vancouver is a large community located in British Columbia. This location has a wide array of activities and amenities for residents to enjoy, including parks and recreation facilities. It also has a strong school district. Some of the best schools in the region are situated here.


The District of West Vancouver is one of the most prestigious areas in British Columbia. It is located on the northwest coast of the city of Vancouver. Many homes here have views of the Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, and Howe Sound. There are also several parks and recreation centers.

This area is also considered a good place to scuba dive. In fact, Whytecliff Park is rated as the best scuba diving location in Western Canada. During the summer months, the area is flooded with tourists.

West Vancouver is also known for its fine real estate. This includes large and expensive houses, many of which have views of the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.

Cypress Provincial Park is located within West Vancouver’s boundaries and offers excellent skiing and snowboarding facilities. The park was also one of the venues for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Other attractions in the area include the Gertrude Lawson museum, which is housed in a beautiful stone building. The museum has exhibits about the history of the area.

The Park Royal Shopping Centre is also located in West Vancouver. The mall is the second largest in the country.

Besides shopping, the area has numerous parks and recreation centers. Lighthouse Park, in the Point Atkinson area, is a favorite among visitors. Located along Marine Drive, it features one of Canada’s remaining active lighthouses. It also provides several trails.

Recreation facilities

Whether you are looking to spend a day at a park, or enjoy the outdoors, there are a number of parks located in West Vancouver. The map below shows the location of these facilities.

One of the largest parks in the city, Ambleside Park, features a playground, tennis courts, and an outdoor pool. It also has a number of cafes and restaurants. Located on the shore of English Bay, this is a great spot to enjoy a day in West Vancouver.

Other locations include the West Vancouver Recreation Centre, which is adjacent to the West Vancouver Community Centre. This facility offers a variety of programs and is one of the most popular recreational venues in the area.

A number of parks are currently adopted by the city. Brookside Park, Westwood Park, and Moore Tot Lot are just some of the places that you can visit. Adopt-a-Park is a program that encourages residents to take ownership of a park. You can add features such as benches and picnic tables to your chosen park. These are a great way to help increase the capacity of the Parks and Recreation Department.

To determine the locations of parks in the District of West Vancouver, a full inventory was performed. This included a comprehensive analysis of physical characteristics of the parks, including their equipment, amenities, and accessibility. Additional information was collected through site visits and written analysis.

School district

West Vancouver School District, also known as WVS, is an educational organization in British Columbia, Canada that serves the communities of Lions Bay, Bowen Island, and the surrounding area. It consists of 14 elementary and three secondary schools. The district offers several innovative programs, including a District Honour Choir and the Premier Basketball Academy.

The School District of West Vancouver owes its reputation to a long list of successes, many of which have been attributed to the efforts of the local trustees. Trustees have lobbied for more funding from the provincial and federal governments over the years. Some notable achievements include the creation of the first official public skatepark in North Vancouver and the creation of a new environmental learning centre at Cheakamus outdoor learning centre near Squamish.

The school district has been on the forefront of innovation for decades, implementing the first ever district wide school wide web portal in the province. In addition to that, the district has a history of making the most of the BC curriculum to create unique learning opportunities for students. As one might expect, the district has also made some significant investments in athletics, sports and sports medicine, notably at the Premier Basketball Academy.

Other noteworthy achievements include the construction of the world’s first and only District-wide iSchool, an innovative virtual learning environment. These are all part of the district’s ongoing transformation into a model educational organization.

Public transportation

Public transportation in District of West Vancouver is a major issue for many residents. In recent years, traffic congestion has gotten worse, resulting in increased greenhouse gas emissions. The union representing the Blue Bus workers, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 134, has warned that labour action will escalate.

This week, the bus union has cancelled dozens of trips a day. As a result, many families and employees in the community are facing disruption.

While the district of West Vancouver wants to avoid strike action, it will have to negotiate with the union. An offer was submitted to the union by the district on Tuesday. It included eight requests. Some of these requests are to increase the pay of shuttle bus drivers.

The union is also requesting guaranteed washroom breaks. These breaks could also be a factor in the union’s decision to escalate the job action.

The union has said that they will announce details of a picket line plan after Labour Day. According to the union, if they escalate, the job action may include a picket outside Park Royal mall.

The Blue Bus is the last municipally owned bus service in the Lower Mainland. The bus company offers regular buses and community shuttles. Typically, it carries about 18,000 passengers a day.

It is far more convenient than driving and is cheaper, too. Since it is part of the public transportation system, it is fare compatible with TransLink services.

Shopping areas

Whether you’re looking for a souvenir or fashion, you’ll find plenty of shopping areas on District Of West Vancouver maps. From the waterfront district to the quiet village of Davie, these areas have a range of shops.

There are a number of small parks throughout the city, so you can enjoy a picnic or an afternoon of games. If you want to go for a swim, you can do so at Ambleside Park. The nearby beach is a favourite among locals.

Another popular seaside neighbourhood is Dundarave. It has a number of small shops and cafes. You can also visit the ocean-side park, the Dundarave Pier.

A few blocks away, you can check out the Pacific Centre mall. This indoor/outdoor shopping center features a north mall and dining.

Another popular shopping area is Robson Street. This busy street is home to local fashion chains and boutiques, as well as some big North American brands.

Main Street is another interesting shopping destination. Here you’ll find antique stores, vintage clothing and accessories, and specialty stores. Also, there’s a great selection of restaurants and souvenir shops.

Gastown is another historic area that’s popular with both locals and visitors. The area features cobblestone streets and restored Victorian buildings.

Kerrisdale is a small, but charming shopping area that is just a 20-minute drive from the city centre. Known as a “village,” this district has an array of boutiques, gourmet food stores, and flower shops.

Freeway routes

West Vancouver is an area on the southeast coast of Howe Sound. The city is a part of the North Shore region of British Columbia. It is a predominantly residential neighbourhood, with large expensive houses and many retired residents. Several highway routes travel through the area.

Route 97 is a Canadian highway that will eventually connect Burns Lake to Kelowna. It was previously known as the Trans-Canada Highway. There are several portions of it that are under both federal and municipal jurisdiction. In addition, there are dual number designations for some sections.

Another highway that travels through the district is the Upper Levels Highway. This route travels across the Fraser River, through the Cascade Mountains, and through lush green farmland. A portion of the route passes through the city of Surrey.

Other routes include Route 8, which runs through Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam. Lastly, there is Route 1, which travels from Horseshoe Bay to the Alberta boundary. As an alternative to Route 1, drivers can also use the Trans-Canada Highway.

The District Of West Vancouver Map offers an easy-to-read highway map and a detailed street map of the area. These maps are free for users. Using the map, drivers can locate various points of interest within the area.

The Upper Levels highway, or 401, was Canada’s original highway 401. It was relabeled as part of the Trans-Canada highway system in the 1950s.

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