Caulfeild West Vancouver

One of West Vancouver‘s most desirable family-friendly neighbourhoods, Caulfeild is a popular place to live with its picturesque landscapes and historic significance. The name of this West Vancouver neighborhood is attributed to Francis William Caufeild, who landed in Skunk Cove in 1898 and purchased a large acreage there.

He had a vision to create an English-style village with homes built into the natural landscape and that the community would enjoy as one. This was a bold move at the time and Caulfeild’s approach to lot preparation was unusual in that he avoided ripping up the landscape to build lots. Instead, he respected the land as it was and encouraged people to appreciate its uniqueness by building elaborate rock gardens around their lots.


A picturesque community nestled against the breathtaking North Shore Mountains, West Vancouver is known for its super-natural surroundings and safe neighbourhoods. This affluent residential area is one of the most desirable places to live in Canada, and it offers a unique blend of cosmopolitan amenities and rural charm.

The neighbourhood is named after Francis Caulfeild, a British immigrant who bought land in 1899 and developed the area into a neighbourhood that follows the contours of the natural landscape. According to the book Cottages to Community, he was a self-taught surveyor and preferred the curvy design of the streets rather than straight lines.

Many of the houses in this area are large, and they are often half-hidden behind trees and green space. Driving in this neighbourhood can be a challenge, however, as there are winding, one-way roads.

Luckily, the neighbourhood has some excellent shops and restaurants. The Caulfeild Village shopping centre is a favourite among locals, and there is also a small park nearby called Caulfeild Park.

The park is a popular hiking spot, and it has plenty of trails for people to enjoy the natural scenery. Hikers can expect to see a range of terrain, from rocky beaches and cliffs to lush forest.

In addition to the beautiful hiking trails and stunning views, Caulfeild Park is also a great spot for a picnic or a family day out. There is a small beach in the area and parking is available.

Some of the most expensive homes in the neighbourhood are located around the park, and it is a popular destination for weddings. This is because it is so close to the waterfront and offers gorgeous views.

Another beautiful attraction in the area is Stearman Beach. This is a little-known beach that is located in the neighbourhood, but not within the park itself. There are a few private residences here, and you can take a stroll along the waterfront to get there.

The neighbourhood has a number of schools and public amenities, including the Caulfeild School, which is located in a historic building. It has a strong history of education and has been a centre of learning for decades. It has also been a venue for many events, including the Winter Olympics.

Neighbourhood Character

Caulfeild West Vancouver is one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in West Vancouver, with breathtaking views of the ocean. It is also a highly desirable residential area that attracts many people, both families and singles. The neighborhood has a relaxed atmosphere and is home to several public green spaces for residents to enjoy.

It has a unique history and is also known for its architectural variety. It is divided into two parts: Lower Caulfeild, which was planned and designed by Francis Caulfeild in 1899, and Upper Caulfeild, which has been a new addition to the neighbourhood in the 1980s.

In order to preserve the character of this neighbourhood, it has been designated as a Heritage Conservation Area. This means that any changes to the property are subject to approval from the local government before they can be made.

This process is part of the Official Community Plan and was introduced in June 2018 by the District of West Vancouver. Its main goal is to protect the historic character of the area and encourage infill.

Neighbourhood character is a key determinant of healthy communities, as well as a place to live and work. It has been identified as one of the key factors contributing to health in Canada, along with access to nutritious foods, good transportation, safe environments and high income levels.

A neighbourhood’s character can be negatively affected by development in the form of a loss of the built environment. It can be difficult to restore the character of a neighbourhood when a large number of properties have been demolished, or when new developments are not sensitive to the scale and character of existing homes.

To address these issues, the District of West Vancouver set up a Neighbourhood Character Working Group in August 2018. This group is made up of 10 West Vancouver residents and was appointed by Council to identify the main issues that contribute to a loss of neighbourhood character. They were tasked with engaging the community in a validation process to identify the main concerns, and then develop draft recommendations for bylaws and policies that address them.


Aside from its enviable location, Caulfeild West Vancouver is home to a number of reputable public and private schools. The town is also home to the largest high school in the district, giving parents and students a great choice of learning opportunities.

The most recent ranking of public elementary schools by the Fraser Institute found that more than half of them ranked in the top 10 per cent for their academic performance. That’s no small feat, considering that the institute uses standardized provincial tests in reading, writing and math to measure academic performance. The institute also cites a handful of high-performing West Vancouver schools, including two academies in the top three – namely Ecole Cedardale and West Bay.

The best way to see all of these impressive schools is by taking the Moovit Tour of West Vancouver. We’ll take you to the best and brightest schools in this West Vancouver suburb with a fun and informative tour. The Moovit app will also make it easy to find the best route and time for you to get there.


One of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Vancouver, Caulfeild is a perfect choice for anyone who enjoys living in a natural setting. This neighbourhood features a number of parks and is just minutes from downtown. It also offers an abundance of amenities to keep your family happy, including the largest high school in West Vancouver.

The area has a strong sense of community and the residents are very proud of their neighbourhood. This is evident in the many community events held here, such as the Canada Day celebrations, Harmony Arts Festival and more.

It is also home to Lighthouse Park, which is a beautiful spot for a walk and a glimpse of nature. There are a number of hiking trails to choose from, as well as a beach that is ideal for a swim.

Aside from the park, you can also visit Lighthouse Village, a small shopping center with restaurants and retail stores. This area is also very close to Rockridge Secondary School, a public high school that has been consistently ranked among the top schools in Canada.

This charming neighbourhood is a great choice for anyone who enjoys nature and wants to live in a beautiful home with plenty of space for the whole family. It also has a lot of parking and is within walking distance of several schools in the area.

The best part of this neighbourhood is that it is very affordable and has a lot to offer its residents. There are many homes for sale in Caulfeild, and you can find the one that is right for you by browsing through the MLS listings.

Some of the most popular homes in this neighbourhood are those that have spectacular views of the mountains and the ocean. These properties offer a spacious floor plan and are situated on unique lots.

In addition to the houses, you can also find a wide variety of condominiums for sale in this neighbourhood. These condos come with a range of amenities, such as a gym and pool.

Moreover, you can also find a variety of large family vacation rentals in Caulfeild, as well as a few one-bedroom homes. These are great places to relax and enjoy a few days of vacation with your loved ones.

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