Best West Vancouver Hikes

Best west vancouver hikes

Whether you’re looking to escape the city or just want a quick hike, there are plenty of options in west vancouver.

Lighthouse Park is one of the best west vancouver hiking trails with a gorgeous beach and lots of easy access trails that will take you right to the lighthouse. It’s also dog-friendly so if you’re looking to bring your furry friend along, this is the place for you!

Lighthouse Park

The 185 acre lighthouse park, nestled into the coastal suburbs of West Vancouver, is an ideal place to get lost in nature. It features giant old-growth trees, rugged shoreline with cliffs and a historic yet functioning lighthouse. The park also has plenty of trails, which provide stunning views of the ocean and surrounding mountains.

The park’s main attraction is its lighthouse, which was built in 1912. It is one of the most well-known landmarks in the area and offers visitors breathtaking views of the city skyline and surrounding mountains.

There are plenty of hiking trails in the park, which are perfect for families and outdoor enthusiasts. You can take a stroll or hike along the trails for a few hours and enjoy amazing scenery.

A hike from the parking lot takes you past cabins to a rocky outcrop overlooking the Burrard Inlet and Stanley Park. Once there, you can grab a picnic and sit back to take in the view.

This is a great, short walk and the trail is not too steep or difficult for beginners. You can even take your dog on this route if they are properly behaved.

Once you’ve walked past the cabins, you can follow a paved path that leads to a gate overlooking the lighthouse itself. It’s a short and easy walk that won’t take you too long and it’s a nice place to stop for a break.

The best part about this hike is that it’s completely free and open to the public. This means that you can enjoy this beautiful West Vancouver hike without worrying about paying a penny.

Hiking through the park is a fun and exciting way to spend your day in West Vancouver. There are several trails that you can explore, and all of them offer stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

You can hike in Lighthouse Park on any of the available trails, but it’s recommended to choose a route that takes you near the lighthouse. It’s a popular destination, and you can expect to see lots of people walking around.

Buntzen Lake

Located just north of Anmore and a 20-minute drive east of Port Moody, Buntzen Lake is a popular recreation area with a lake, hiking trails, and a hydroelectric power generator. It also offers picnic areas, shelters and grass play areas for kids.

The easiest and most family-friendly hike is the three-kilometre Buntzen Lake Trail that hugs the east side of the lake to reach North Beach at the northern end. This flat, wide and simple hike is a great way to warm up before venturing into more challenging terrain.

If you’re feeling adventurous, the Diez Vistas Trail is a great way to explore the lake. This is a loop that forms around Buntzen Lake and has several viewpoints along the way.

This trail is open to equestrians and mountain bike riders, but you should only go if you are comfortable climbing steep mountain terrain. The steepest section of the trail comes after you climb up a series of switchbacks and requires a rope assist.

You can take the short route to the main viewpoint, or follow the more difficult trail that leads to a view of McCombe Lake with Mount Beautiful behind it. The latter option is a good choice for a longer hike, but be sure to bring plenty of water and wear hiking shoes that will handle the rough terrain.

Another option is to head to the South Beach area of the lake, which is usually more crowded and has a larger picnic shelter. Then you can take a dip in the water, fish for trout or spread out your blanket and enjoy the view of the lake from one of the many nearby benches.

The parking lot at Buntzen Lake is usually full during weekends, so if you want to avoid the crowds then try arriving early on a weekday morning. But if you are planning to visit the park on a weekend, be prepared to have a hard time finding a spot, especially on a sunny day.

If you are looking for a great west vancouver hike that offers some incredible views of the surrounding mountains, then look no further than Buntzen Lake. It has a few different trails to choose from, and is perfect for any type of hiking experience.

Mount Strachan

Mount Strachan is one of the most undiscovered hikes in the West Vancouver area. Hiking this peak is a fantastic experience and the views at the top are spectacular.

The hike starts from the parking lot for Cypress Mountain resort downhill ski area and you will be rewarded with some beautiful scenery throughout the walk. From here you will walk through the forest and cross a few streams as you head uphill.

Once you reach the summit, enjoy a wide open area to soak up the views and take in the surrounding mountains. It’s a great spot to stop for a snack and stretch your legs out before continuing on the rest of the loop.

It’s also a good place to catch sight of Golden Ears, The Lions and Mount Garibaldi (if you’re lucky). This is a fairly short but steep climb, so make sure to bring some hiking boots!

After the first scramble, you’ll find yourself on the Col between the north and south peaks of Mount Strachan. Here, you can see a gully known as Christmas Gully, a T-33 plane crash site, and some incredible views over Howe Sound.

When it comes to elevation gain, Mount Strachan isn’t the most challenging of the North Shore peaks, but it is still an interesting hike. This hike isn’t quite as popular as some of the other hikes in Cypress and it can be difficult to find the trail at times, but it’s worth trying if you have the time!

The trail to Mount Strachan starts at the parking lot for Cypress Mountain resort downhill skiing and takes you through the forest. There are plenty of opportunities to take in the views along the way, but it’s important to keep an eye out for signs indicating that you’re on the right track!

You’ll arrive at Strachan Meadows around 2.2 miles into the hike, where there are two small wooden bridges crossing over a creek. Look to your right and you’ll find a trail that leads up through the brush.

It can be hard to follow at times, so you’ll need a good offline map or you could get lost!

Eagle Bluffs

Eagle Bluffs is a popular hiking trail in West Vancouver that provides a beautiful view of the city, water and surrounding islands. The hike can be completed year round and is a great option for those who want a short, easy hike.

The hike begins at the Cypress Mountain downhill ski area and follows the Baden Powell Trail to reach Eagle Bluffs. It is relatively short and only takes a couple of hours to complete, but the views are worth it!

After the first kilometer of hiking you will meet a fork in the trail, with options to continue on to Cabin Lake or to take a detour and see Black Mountain. I recommend continuing on to Cabin Lake as it is the perfect stop for a snack and a swim.

Once you pass Cabin Lake the hike starts to get a little more challenging as you begin to gain elevation and climb over rock faces. This part of the hike will get quite busy and it is a good idea to pack plenty of water as well as some electrolytes.

You will then encounter several sections of boardwalk, a few small lakes and a few muddy areas on your way to Owen Lake. Just past Owen Lake the trail arrives at a junction, going left will lead you back to Cabin Lake while the right takes you to Eagle Bluffs.

The trail will then drop down into the forest, entering a very technical and rooty section of the terrain. It will also pass by several muddy sections and small lakes, including Cougar Lake.

Once the trail reaches Eagle Bluffs you will be rewarded with some of the best views you will ever have! On a clear day you will be able to see the marina at Eagle Harbour and the city of Vancouver off in the distance.

The hiking trail to Eagle Bluffs can be done in winter or summer, though a lot of people prefer to tackle this during the winter when Cypress Provincial Park becomes a snowy wonderland. If you do decide to go for this hike in the winter, be sure to take lots of water and wear a headlamp so that you can see your way around.

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