Best West Vancouver High Schools

West Vancouver is home to many of Canada’s most prestigious schools. Here’s a look at the top schools in the city and their rankings from the Fraser Institute.

Students will be able to enjoy a wide range of extracurricular activities, advanced placement courses, and strong academic programs at these high-ranking schools. They’ll also be surrounded by a tight-knit community and passionate teachers.

Point Grey Secondary

Point Grey Secondary School, located in Kerrisdale, is one of the most prominent and significant Vancouver schools. Founded in 1929, it is of great heritage value and is an important part of the community’s history.

The school’s beautiful Collegiate Gothic architecture, which is uncommon in the city, is one of its many unique features. Heritage Vancouver and other advocates are calling on the Vancouver School Board (VSB) to thoroughly document the heritage values of PGSS and other heritage schools in order to protect these iconic landmarks from being lost due to seismic upgrades.

Despite the building’s age, PGSS continues to offer an excellent education and is known for its high graduation rate and above-average test scores. The school offers a wide variety of academic and extracurricular programs, making it the perfect place for students to explore their interests and talents.

This high school also boasts a strong sports program and a robust fine arts program, which makes it a fantastic choice for students with a passion for the arts. The school’s talented teachers provide a quality education that will prepare students for post-secondary study and beyond.

Other top public high schools in Vancouver include Kitsilano Secondary School and Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School. These schools are well-known for their rigorous academic programs and innovative approaches to learning.

Lord Byng Secondary School is another great choice for students looking for an academically challenging environment. With strong academic programming, an extensive range of extracurricular activities, and a supportive community, Lord Byng is the perfect choice for students who want to pursue their dreams in a safe and welcoming environment.

This high school has been a popular choice among students since its opening in 1996, and it continues to receive top marks from parents and students alike. The school’s high graduation rate and excellent test scores are proof that it is a great choice for young people seeking a top-notch education in the heart of the city. The school has also recently undergone an overhaul that will ensure it remains an outstanding educational facility for years to come.

West Point Grey Academy

West Point Grey Academy is one of the most highly regarded private schools in Vancouver. It opened in 1996 and has since grown to enrol 940 students from junior kindergarten to Grade 12. The school’s location overlooking English Bay and the North Shore Mountains provides an idyllic setting for learning.

In addition to its academic excellence, West Point Grey Academy also has high graduation rates and scores well above average on provincial exams. This makes it an excellent option for students looking to achieve a strong high school education.

To get into West Point, you’ll need to be a well-rounded student with exceptional leadership potential and SAT or ACT test scores. It’s also important to build a strong record of extracurricular activities and athletics throughout your high school years.

The school has a number of clubs and teams to choose from. For example, its debate team and basketball team have made headlines for their successes.

Students from grades 7 to 12 participate in a wide variety of sports and competitions. WPGA’s athletic program is competitive both at the city and independent school levels.

Many high school juniors also take advantage of the Work Experience program, which offers students a short-term placement in a workplace environment to enhance their knowledge and skills. This program is a great way for juniors to learn about what they might like to pursue in their future careers and is an excellent preparation for West Point Academy’s rigorous admissions process.

In addition, West Point Academy offers a range of programs to help students achieve academic success. For example, it hosts a Summer Leaders Experience for high school juniors.

If you’re serious about attending West Point Grey Academy, it’s best to start your application early and give yourself plenty of time to improve your SAT or ACT scores. This will help you stand out from the crowd of applicants and will make your application more competitive in the long run.

If you want your child to get into West Point, they’ll need to be ready for a long four years of hard work, dedication and service. They’ll also need to be prepared to commit to a life-long commitment to their country.

Eric Hamber Secondary

Students of Eric Hamber Secondary are well-rounded learners who graduate with excellent academic credentials. They also have a strong commitment to their school’s goals of increasing knowledge, acceptance, empathy, awareness and an appreciation of Indigenous histories, traditions, cultures and contributions.

With a focus on team sports, athletics and the arts, students of this West Vancouver school enjoy a wide range of opportunities to build their skills and experience a diverse range of learning styles. This includes an Advanced Placement program for those interested in pursuing higher education.

Besides academics, many students at this school pursue extracurricular activities that help them develop their leadership skills. They have the opportunity to get involved in student-led clubs like Bike Club, Business Club, Canadian Youth Leaders Association and more. They can also take part in community events, such as a day exhibition that showcases the wide variety of student-led clubs and their projects.

In addition to these student-led clubs, Eric Hamber offers an extensive selection of academic courses and programs. This includes a number of International Student Programs.

The school is ranked highly in terms of academics, which is good news for parents who want to ensure their child is getting the best possible education for their money. Its reputation for strong academic performance has earned it a spot in the Fraser Institute’s school rankings.

Its strong academics are complemented by a number of extracurricular and co-curricular activities, including its award-winning fashion design program. Students can participate in dance and drama, music, and art classes.

One of the top high schools in West Vancouver, Eric Hamber is home to many talented students. It has a reputation for producing strong graduates who have gone on to study at universities and colleges across Canada.

With a large percentage of its enrolment consisting of students with disabilities, the school has an ongoing emphasis on inclusion. It is home to a number of special needs student clubs and is actively working towards creating a culture where all its students feel safe, secure, and supported.

The school’s Code of Conduct is designed to promote the welfare and safety of all students. It states that the “student wellbeing of all students is a priority,” and that student safety is the responsibility of all staff. It aims to address the root causes of behavior issues and promote positive, healthy social interaction amongst all students.

West Vancouver Secondary School

West Vancouver Secondary School is a five-year secondary school that educates grades 8 through 12. It has two campuses, a North Campus and a South Campus. Each campus has a gym and a cafeteria. It also has 2 grass fields and a gravel baseball diamond.

WVSS is one of three public high schools in West Vancouver and is a member of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme. The IB programme is an academic program that is internationally renowned and is recognized as equivalent to first year university courses. It offers a variety of courses such as Biology, Chemistry, English, Film, French, Geography, History, Japanese, Mandarin, Mathematics, Physics, Spanish, Theatre and Visual Arts.

As one of the top schools in West Vancouver, WVSS is a great option for students who want to receive an excellent education. The school offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme which allows students to gain university credit for their hard work and effort.

The IB programme is a challenging and rewarding experience that prepares students for the next stage in their educational journey. It also provides students with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through the IB Student Council.

Other great aspects of the IB programme include its international nature and its rigorous curriculum. It is also a unique way to learn how to apply what you are learning in your studies to the real world, and it is an excellent choice for those who want to pursue careers in the field of medicine or business.

Located in the heart of West Vancouver, the school is one of the most popular secondary schools on the North Shore. It is a co-ed, all-girls school and has a highly ranked academic program that is internationally recognized.

In addition to the International Baccalaureate programme, the school offers a wide range of programs and courses that appeal to a diverse range of students. It is one of the most successful schools in the district, with over 98% of graduates graduating each year.

The school is also a member of the Round Square International Service Program which sends students on global service trips around the world. In addition, the school promotes its Four Strands which are Academics, Athletics, Service and the Arts. The four strands are an integral part of the curriculum and help to set students up for success in all areas.

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