Best West Vancouver Elementary Schools

Whether you are new to the west Vancouver area or are moving here from another part of the city, you might be wondering which schools are best for your children. There are many great elementary schools to choose from, but it can be tough to know which ones are the best. We’ve rounded up some of the top schools in the area to help you decide.

Dr Annie B Jamieson Elementary

Located on the outskirts of Vancouver, Dr Annie B Jamieson Elementary School in West Vancouver is one of the city’s most diverse educational institutions. Its curriculum features science, art, cooking, and a very robust orchestral strings program. It also has the largest intermediate Mandarin Bilingual program in the district.

Its motto is “To know, to grow, to share”. Its culture is centered around respect, safety, and the environment. The school has a significant ELL population, and it offers a variety of opportunities for students.

Its catchment area is a huge plus for young families, and it has convenient amenities and a vast green space. Its Parent Advisory Council is highly active. It offers a choice of Montessori educations. Its technology focus and student leadership opportunities are important parts of its academic success.

Its extracurricular offerings include an active PAC and music programs. The school is also home to the largest elementary strings program in the province. It has an award-winning choir and a Mandarin Bilingual program. Its academic success is evident by the fact that the school has been named a Fraser Institute Top Public Elementary School.

Its community is supportive and its culture is based on respect. It has a unique opportunity to help increase awareness of Aboriginal cultures, and it encourages parental involvement. The walls of the school were painted yellow in 2004, and the school’s name changed from the original “King Edward High School” to the more regal “Jamieson Elementary School.” Its motto is “To know, to learn, to grow.” Its achievements are numerous. The best schools in the city are selected by the Fraser Institute. The criteria used by the institute include the number of students, the quality of the classrooms, and the quality of the teachers.

Irwin Park Elementary School

Located in West Vancouver, Irwin Park Elementary School is a well-established public school that is a popular choice with students and parents. This school has a solid enrollment and impressive exam results. It is a large school, with a total of 417 students in grades six through eight. Many of the students are English language learners. In fact, 45 percent of the student body are EAL.

The grade seven class has been active in the We Scare Hunger campaign, collecting canned goods for the local food bank. They also raised funds to send letters to children in Africa. In addition, they took the initiative to bake 500 dozen cookies and individually wrap them.

The Grade 7 class has also been responsible for spearheading the shoebox clothing drive for women’s shelters in Vancouver. In addition, they have also participated in a study about the Antarctica, raising funds for the Global Penguin Conservation Foundation. In September, the students researched a charity to support.

The grade six and seven classes have also been very active in fundraising efforts, especially around special occasions. They have made donations to Free Kicks, an organization that encourages youth to play hockey, and to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. Lastly, the Grade 6 and 7 classes have helped make dessert for the annual Oppenheimer Christmas dinner.

The Irwin Park Elementary School in West Vancouver is one of the best Standard School establishments in British Columbia. With a decent enrollment, impressive exam results, and a wide variety of reviews from teachers and parents, Irwin Park is an excellent choice for your child’s education. The best part is that you can learn more about the school on the Internet.

Mulgrave Elementary School

Located in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Mulgrave Elementary School serves students from pre-kindergarten to grade twelve. This independent non-denominational, co-educational day school provides an inspiring environment for lifelong learners to excel. It has a strong commitment to excellence in education, and is an IB World School.

Mulgrave School is located on the forested slopes of Cypress Mountain in West Vancouver. The school has a stunning view of Burrard Inlet. In addition to providing an inspiring academic environment, the school also promotes curiosity, personal development and well-being. Teachers and staff inspire students to achieve their highest personal and academic potential. In 2014, the school received acceptances to universities of choice for its students.

The main building of Mulgrave School is a three-floor facility that includes classrooms for grades Pre-K-12. The annex building houses the library, university counseling and study lounge for the senior school. The building also features an indoor gym for physical education classes. The exterior of the building faces south toward the ocean, and is home to the athletic field and volleyball courts.

The school is home to an Early Learning Centre for up to 80 children. The building also features an Art and Design Tech Studios. The new West Addition connects to the west end of the existing school and contains a multi-programmed green roof. It also has an atrium and an elevator.

The school is also one of the top tuitioned schools in the area. In addition to the IB curriculum, Mulgrave School offers a variety of online courses. This ensures that students receive a quality educational experience that will prepare them for their future. In addition, the school is known for its excellent exam results, which attracts parents to choose Mulgrave School as a home for their child.

Dr R E McKechnie Elementary School

Located in Vancouver, Dr R E McKechnie Elementary School is a public elementary school. The school was opened in 1957. The community is made up of students and teachers who live in a safe and nurturing environment. The school’s mission is to encourage and increase knowledge. The curriculum focuses on respect, safety and learning about Aboriginal cultures.

The school has approximately 200 students. The students are described as independent, communicative and eager. The school has multi-age classrooms and a supportive Montessori environment. The school also offers a science and art program.

Dr R E McKechnie Elementary was named after Dr McKechnie, a physician and former minister without portfolio in the Canadian government. He served in the government service for about a decade. In 1898, Dr McKechnie became president of the BC Medical Association. He was elected to the council of the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons.

In 1929, the City of Vancouver, South Vancouver and Point Grey amalgamated. After the 1929 merger, the schools in the Point Grey and South Vancouver districts were named after prominent people and groups in the province’s history.

The Dr R E McKechnie Elementary community is built on respect. Students learn about the Aboriginal culture and the environment. The school’s mission is to promote healthy and active lifestyles. The school’s curriculum includes science, cooking and art.

The school is also a district Aboriginal focus school. Its name reflects the Musqueam and Tsleil-Waututh people. It was giftee to the district by Larry Grant.

The school is located in a growing urban area. It intersects Gastown, Chinatown and Yaletown. Its location is important for young families.

The Dr R E McKechnie School is committed to providing students with an innovative, caring learning environment. The board values the well-being of each individual.

Tyee Elementary School

Choosing the right elementary school for your child can be a difficult task, especially with all the different options available. Finding the best one for your child is a crucial factor that will have an impact on your child for many years to come.

Tyee Elementary is a great choice for students in Vancouver. It’s a school that offers a diverse, supportive environment. It’s also a school that’s been growing for a number of decades. It’s also a school that has a lot of recommendations from parents.

The school is part of the Vancouver School Board. It has a capacity of 191 students for all grades. This means that it accepts students from all over the city. It also requires applicants to go through a rigorous application process.

The school has a lottery system in place. This ensures that the school has a consistent intake of students.

In addition to that, the school offers a wide variety of courses. There are also special study options, like tutoring, that are available. Besides that, there are also online options if your child doesn’t always attend the school.

This is a school that integrates the whole food cycle into its classroom. It’s a school that has hosted Pocket Markets, Spring Harvesting and Lasagna Gardening.

The school also hosts TEGS workshops. These include Waste Free Lunches, Prepare & Share and the TEGS Bees Program. These programs are designed to help students learn about how they can be more environmentally friendly while still gaining valuable academic knowledge.

Lastly, the school has a long history of working with Think&EatGreen@School. It’s been a great partner. In 2012, Tyee received TEGS Small Grants to fund a classroom cooking bin, a soil amendment and an irrigation system.

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