Average House Price In West Vancouver – May 2019

Average House Price In West Vancouver

The average house price in West Vancouver is $1,261,100. For the larger and more expensive homes, this figure is higher, at $3.3 million. The average days on market are ten, and the selling discount is ninety-six percent of the original list price. The selling discount on homes priced between $2.5 mill. and $2.9 mill. is 14.3 percent, while homes priced from $6.9 mill. to 9.5 mill. are only 3.3 percent.


The average house price in West Vancouver is now $1,261,100, a 0.4% decrease over the month before. While the Fraser Valley has experienced a decline in housing prices every month since September 2018, the May decline is not as pronounced as it might have been two months ago. While the decrease is not the result of a global economic crisis or government policy downturn, it may cause some panic in the housing market.

The benchmark price of a home in Metro Vancouver was $1,261,100 in May 2022, which was an increase of 15.4% year-over-year. While sales volume is down in Metro Vancouver, the inventory of homes is slowly opening up. But it’s still too early to declare the market balanced. Moreover, the increase in interest rates is unlikely to affect house prices much in the coming months.


In January, the average house price in West Vancouver reached $2,622,800, according to a recent report by Zoocasa. The study analyzed changes in benchmark home prices in 21 different neighbourhoods throughout Metro Vancouver. In Vancouver’s westside, prices fell by 14.1% compared to the same time last year. Meanwhile, in West Vancouver, prices fell by 15.4% to average $2,622,800.

While most neighbourhoods are relatively far away from major amenities, the wealthier West Side remains the most desirable location. The area boasts large detached homes on large lots. Despite this, the number of sales has fallen by almost half in the past year. In comparison, the average price for a single-family residence on the West Side increased by 7.6 percent in the same time frame. But despite a slowing real estate market, the average price of a West Vancouver home is still significantly higher than the median price on the East Side.

$3.3 million

The average price of a detached house in West Vancouver was $3.3 million in May, which is up from $3,475,600 in April. This is up slightly from April, but still 16.1% higher than the same month last year. According to the Greater Vancouver real estate board, a typical detached house in West Vancouver in May 2022 will cost $3,490,600. The number of houses for sale in the city remained stable at just over five thousand. The sales-to-listing ratio in May was just 10 percent, according to the same report.

The average house price in West Vancouver is $3.3 million, a record high. The city’s real estate market is dominated by large condo towers, but it also has a strong detached housing market. The average house price in April was $1,709,000, which is about $400,000 less than the Greater Vancouver benchmark. A recent survey shows that there are currently about eighty-four active listings for detached houses in the area, a decrease from last year’s 91. The sales-to-listing ratio for detached homes is six-and-a-half, indicating a sellers’ market.


The average house price in West Vancouver is $2,118,600, which is higher than the national average. This has something to do with the high quality of life in the area, but it also has a lot to do with the neighbourhood. Many of the West Vancouver neighborhoods are a little isolated from amenities, but the large homes are located on large lots. As a result, the number of sales for detached houses in West Vancouver fell 368 percent from March 2022 to April, a fall of three68 percent. The median price on the East Side of Vancouver was also lower than the national average of $2,118,600.

The post-pandemic euphoria of the Canadian real estate market will likely help Vancouver’s housing market. Foreign students and immigrants are expected to return to the region, filling vacant condos and homes. A rise in foreign investors and trade will also boost Vancouver’s economy. Some realtors are comparing 2021 to 2015 to gauge the market’s trajectory. But others predict a 3% to 5% increase in both years.

7.6 percent

The tax on foreign buyers has been a recurring issue in the Vancouver real estate market, but the government has recently stepped in with a new initiative to reduce the tax burden on foreign investors. The government has introduced a Speculation and Vacancy Tax, which translates to a five percent tax on the assessed value of foreign-owned homes, compared with three percent for Canadian-owned homes. According to a real estate information website, the tax for foreign-owned homes is currently $65,000 a year – much more than the average property tax for residents.

The median price for a West Vancouver home is $3,065,028, and the ratio of new listings to active listings is 24 days. The median price is generally more accurate than the average. Similarly, average house prices in the Vancouver region have increased by 7.1 percent from May 2010 to May 2011.


The benchmark house price in West Vancouver is $3,445,400. Sales of detached homes in West Vancouver have consistently remained at or below that figure, with Richmond and Maple Ridge leading the way. In January, buyer action in West Vancouver focused on condo apartment sales, where the median price was $856,000 and the sales-to-listing ratio was 47%. While this is a healthy sign, more houses will be listed in the near future.

In May 2022, the benchmark price for an attached house was $1,141,200 – up 22.5% from the same month last year and 0.6 per cent from April 2022. This represents a 21.5% increase over the previous year and a decrease of 0.6% from April 2022. However, the average house price in West Vancouver has been increasing steadily. If you’re thinking about buying a home, now is the time to start your search.


While there is no single factor that causes the price of a home in West Vancouver to increase, the region does show a distinct pattern. While average price increases are higher in the upper end of the market, they are much lower at the lower end of the spectrum. The price difference between upper and lower-end homes in West Vancouver is especially large – mansions on the North Shore sell for more than $5 million. In fact, twelve of the top 100 most expensive homes in the province are located in West Vancouver.

The median house price in Metro Vancouver is expected to reach $1,261,100 by May 2022, a 15.2% increase from last year’s benchmark price. The number of days a property remains on the market is decreasing, with fewer properties listed in January 2022 compared to December. With fewer listings, prices are rising faster than before, creating a fiercer competition for homes. In May, the benchmark price for a detached home in the area was $1,953,000 – up 22.7% since January 2021. In the same period, prices of condos and apartments soared to $775000, a 23.3% increase.


While the overall housing market in Metro Vancouver is showing an increase, prices and sales have declined. The change in attitude is to blame for the decline. The Canadian and global economy are undergoing a period of unrest and uncertainty, and this has affected the housing market. As a result, there is no clear sense of long-term stability. This is resulting in a lack of confidence in short-term financial forecasts.

Prices have risen considerably in West Vancouver in the past few months. In May, the average price for a detached house in the city was $1286,500. The increase of nearly 10 percent was recorded in the year, and over 73 percent in the last five years. Meanwhile, the ratio of active listings to sales is now over 35 percent, making the city a seller’s market. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, a rising market means you can’t afford to wait.


The median price for detached homes in West Vancouver dropped slightly in April. It decreased from 124 in March 2022 to 93 in April. The average price of single-family residences on the West Side increased 7.6%, but the number of sales dropped by almost three-fourths. That means that if you have a high-end, luxury home, you’re better off looking in West Vancouver.

While detached homes in West Vancouver have historically had the highest ratios, they are still less affordable than those in other parts of Metro Vancouver. A detached home in West Vancouver can cost upwards of eighteen percent of the average house price. An apartment in the same neighbourhood may cost as much as two-thirds of the average house price. However, condos are more affordable than detached homes. A house in West Vancouver is likely to cost between two and four times more than an apartment.

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