Alterations to a House in West Vancouver Are Under Threat

Alterations to a house in West Vancouver

A councillor has issued a permit that was cancelled because of changes made to the Sunset House. Its initial building permit allowed the homeowners to make interior renovations, build an addition on the south side of the dwelling, and build a garage. The permit was later revoked after the structure was destroyed. The homeowners, who were not present at the Monday night council meeting, are now in an uncertain situation. While they have not taken any legal action, Garrow said she had built her house in accordance with the original building permit.

Forrest-Baker House

A heritage property is under threat in Vancouver‘s West End: the Forrest-Baker House. Built in 1962 by Ron Thom and Dick Mann, this home received the Massey Medal, the highest architectural honour in Canada, in 1964. Despite this recognition, the property is not legally protected. Despite this, local residents are fighting to save the home. There are several ways to help the historic property.

The District of West Vancouver Council issued a 60-day stop order on the demolition application to give the owners time to negotiate. They met with the owner, who agreed to maintain the heritage house. They hope that the process will end in a successful Heritage Revitalization Agreement. While this seems a far-fetched scenario, it is worth considering, given that many recent attempts have failed. But the Forrest-Baker House remains in a beautiful condition, and its history makes it a worthy heritage property.

Built in 1962, the Forrest-Baker House is an example of modernist architecture on the West Coast. The house features an art studio outbuilding and a 99-square-foot “Curmudgeon Hut.” The property is surrounded by trees and offers stunning views. The Vancouver Planning Commission has identified it as a historic property. However, the Vancouver Landmarks Society has yet to make a final decision.

Spencer House

As the oldest surviving private residence in the city of West Vancouver, Spencer House is steeped in history. It is listed in the community heritage register prepared by the Commonwealth Historic Resource Management for the City of West Vancouver in 2008. The house currently undergoes a charming addition of a freestanding garage. Listed on the community heritage register, Spencer House has historical significance, and is an excellent example of heritage renovations in West Vancouver.

The Spencer House in West Vancouver was featured in a promotional brochure for West Vancouver in 1918, demonstrating a cosmopolitan lifestyle in a beautiful natural setting. In 1939, it was a highlight of the Gardens Beautiful Tour. Its lush gardens were adorned with rare shrubs, trees, and flowers. Despite extensive renovations and additions, the house still retains much of its original character. The renovations are sympathetic to the original structure.

Although the house was originally built in 1913, it was substantially enlarged and renovated in recent years. It sits on a double 0.82-acre lot, and is the last remaining example of an estate property. The original estate property spanned from Mathers Avenue to Queens Avenue and was subdivided into 33 lots in 1955. The building sits on a pristine lot that overlooks the water and is only minutes from West Vancouver’s beaches, shopping, and hiking trails.

Sunset House

Sunset House alterations in West Vancouver were designed to maximize the views of the harbor and heavy marine traffic, despite its steep site. The irregularly shaped exterior and angled blinder maximize privacy, while concealing the steep elevation change. The split-level layout offers generously tall main living spaces, while combining the upper and lower floors for close connection. Designed for a family of four, Sunset House is an impressive example of minimalist modern architecture.

A former architect-owned rancher, located in Sunset Gardens, is an excellent option for a small family. The home has a fenced yard, covered patio, and a fish pond. The open concept layout includes a gas fireplace, a master bedroom with S and N windows, and a second bedroom with access to a wood deck. The media room can double as a guest bedroom and features a built-in Murphy bed and plenty of built-in cabinets.

Sunset House is a modest bungalow

Located in the heart of West Vancouver, Sunset House is a modest bungalow built to capture sweeping views of the sea and heavy marine traffic. The irregular site boundaries culminate in a substantial blinder, creating a distinctly private atmosphere. Movement through the house disguises the elevation change, with no individual stair run over one half story. A split level design allows generously-sized main living areas to open to the outdoor space, while a central staircase unites the upper and main floors.

The building is the last surviving Craftsman bungalow in West Vancouver. The original home was designed by a local architect named George D. Curtis, who also acted as the contractor. It features twin-coursed shingles, stucco, and half-timber on the gables. The residence was occupied by George Herbert Morden, who later became the mayor of Vancouver and became an influential figure in the community.

The home was built in 1907. The owner, Matthew Turnbull Davie, was an accountant at Burrard Shipyards. He and his wife lived in this modest bungalow until 1943. It still features many details of its period architecture, such as the double-hung windows and the front verandah with lathe-turned Doric columns. The exterior features a rustic feel that is reminiscent of the era.

Forrest-Baker House is protected from alteration

Forrest-Baker House was designed by Canadian architect Ron Thom, in collaboration with Dick Mann, who worked for Thompson, Berwick, Pratt and Partners. This stunning, modern home, also known as the Baker Residence, was completed in 1962. Designed to embrace the undulating topography, the building steps down the mountain with expansive overhangs. This unique design opens up to breathtaking views and is an icon of west coast design excellence.

The Forrest-Baker House, designed by Ron Thom, is protected from alteration in West Vancouver, after it was granted Heritage Designation bylaw status. The District of West Vancouver received the demolition application in November, but has halted demolition until further notice. Since then, two 60-day temporary protection orders have been used to preserve the house. On the other hand, the Heritage Designation Bylaw has been given its first, second, and third readings. Once passed, a local developer has committed to purchase the property and negotiate a Heritage Revitalization Agreement.

A few years ago, the Forrest-Baker House received the first Canadian massey Medal for architecture, the highest architectural honour in Canada at the time. The Vancouver Planning Commission endorsed this decision and now the building has a status as a primary building protected from alteration. The Vancouver Conservancy is seeking the same protection for the Forrest-Baker House. It may even become the first Artist In Residence in West Vancouver.

Permits and inspections help preserve property values

If you are planning to remodel your house in West Vancouver, you must take a few steps to comply with the law. In addition to applying for permits, you should also obtain the necessary inspections. These steps help you preserve the value of your property and keep your neighbourhood safe. In addition, you should check with the building department about the regulations for your project. Some changes require building permits, while others don’t.

Depending on the project, you might need a building permit if you want to make certain changes. Some of these include renovations that involve electrical work, or changes that involve the exterior of the home. For example, you might need a separate permit if you want to add a hot tub or replace the garage door. Other changes may require a separate permit, including adding outdoor lighting. You may also need permits for home automation systems.

Before starting a renovation project, it is important to get a building permit. You can apply for a building permit in person or online. Usually, you will need to provide personal information in order to apply for a building permit. You should also be aware of the various fees associated with building permits. A building permit can protect the value of your property and ensure that it is safe for you and your family.

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