Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp Hike in Mortgage Insurance

According to this site Potential buyers with under 10% down when buying a house in Vancouver will encounter a hike in their home loan default insurance policy, when they have business dealings with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. As a consequence of its yearly overview of its insurance items and also capital needs, CMHC is […]

The Sizzling Hot Real Estate Market in Vancouver

Rising real estate costs in West Vancouver have already been the same as winning the lottery game for lots of people who have single-family detached houses in Vancouver. The typical price of new and also existing detached homes marketed inside the city of Vancouver has reached to $1.9-million. A great eye-popping number which was projected […]

Spring Housing Market Gets Hotter in Toronto

The sturdy interest rates, a shortage of supply and also expanding need from millennials as well as rich immigrants have driven a powerful start to the spring real estate property period in Toronto as well as Vancouver. Spring comes early both for Toronto and Vancouver. The two cities encountered development in sales amounts and costs […]

Landmark Deals in the Vancouver Real Estate Market

There is certainly strength in numbers. That’s converting into some landmark bargains for sellers in the Vancouver housing market – it’s known as land assembly sales. As the metropolis pro-actively rezones locations across the city’s main passages letting them possibly be converted into higher occupancy structures like city homes and condominiums, builders are fast to […]

The Vancouver Housing Market 2015 Hot Start

The Greater Vancouver home price index (HPI) for single-family detached houses strike a record $1,010,000 in the month of January, leaping 8.4 % from the exact same thirty day period in 2014. The standard HPI, which usually strips the most costly houses, achieved a new high of $641,600 a few weeks ago pertaining to detached […]

The West Coast Vancouver Architecture

Northern coast communities like West Vancouver tend to be transforming quicker than ever – scenery, structures, cultures continuously developing. You will find several excellent architects and builders within the Northern coast. Several, however, may want to re-visit the characteristics, themes and designs of “West Coast Architecture” to make sure their designs possess a standard link […]


West Vancouver housing styles There are lots of perspectives on the characteristics necessary for a house being classified a “West Coast Modern Vancouver House”. This article will probably clarify a lot of the common characteristics that give rise to the development of a Vancouver Modern House. Just what exactly constitutes a house a contemporary house? […]

Mortgage Canada Basics

Buying a property in West Vancouver is both a thrilling and satisfying experience. What you need to do is obtain the cash to actually buy it. Do not worry, it is not as mind-boggling as it may appear. There are several fundamentals to help you get moving on the appropriate course and into the residence you’ve […]

Cost of purchasing a Home in West Vancouver

It is obvious that buying a home in West Vancouver is a big investment decision, for most of us it is the most significant expenditure they will ever make. However, there are lots of expenses that are not constantly obvious when choosing a house, that should be considered. Whenever you work with a Buyer’s Agent, at […]


West Vancouver, like the majority of of this region is bubbling away with a strong economic climate and an increasing real estate market. Prices are gradually growing, demand is robust and the West Vancouver properties listings provide a number of property listings, property designs and styles. Powered by the Winter Games and also the crowd […]