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Are you considering purchasing or selling a residential or commercial property in the Vancouver, BC area?

UMASS understands how difficult a process that can be. Calculating your mortgage, finding a proper buyer or seller among other logistics can indeed be very hectic. We are therefore focused on making this experience smoother for you. As industry leaders in our area of operation, Vancouver, BC, UMASS┬ástrive to understand what your goals and needs are, then come up tailor-made solutions for you. Whether you’re new to the market or a seasoned investor , UMASS possesses the right resources, professionalism and competence mixed with an intimate knowledge on promotion, marketing, and the workings of the industry to cater for your varying needs. What’s more? Our proven track record backs it up.

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Visit us on our website on www.umassextension.org

You can also contact us on:

2808 Kingsway

Vancouver, BC V5R 5T5

or call us on our business line :(604) 439-2266

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